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Favorite Blog Friday

Hey everyone sorry so late.
I was again til 4 assembling a bike. My kids better keep te good behavior at least another week!

Anyhow, today’s blog of choice is by the great Conflicted Mean Girl. Her blogs are always funny, honest, and again always insightful. She puts my feeling into words! Please go to the link on the blog. It’s just another hilarious story!
So without further ado …. today’s pick is

There’s Something About Doctors

There’s something about doctors that makes me nervous. It has nothing to do with a potential bad prognosis though. For reasons I can’t explain (and definitely don’t care to explore) going to the doctor feels to me like going on a date. My doctor? Boogie’s doctor? Male doctor? Female doctor? None of these things matter. If you are a doctor and I have an appointment with you, rest assured I’m preparing for it like I would a date. I’m straightening … Read More

via Confessions of a Conflicted Mean Girl

Comments on: "Favorite Blog Friday" (2)

  1. Thanks so much for this. I meant to come on here before, you know like two weeks ago, but I haven’t done anythign but drink and tweet since Christmas.*

    *I’m prone to hyperbole.

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