In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I Am No Mother Theresa

I am dying.

No not from Cancer or some horendous bite from an Anaconda. That would be totallya  cool story to tell my kids. I mean, that you would have to tell them. Cause, I would be dead. Uh, nevermind. 

We have been wrapping almost everyday leaving us finishing at like 3 or 4 in the morning. And then (Yawn, excuse me) I have been working on this new column that I am doing for the AJ Daily website.

Plug in time! Or as I like to say it: Shameless Self-promotion time!

If you go to the website, you will see this blog as well as  a column I started. My basic theme is to give information in a funny way. Well, maybe not funny to you all but funny to me. Ok, truth be told. I am not a professional writer.

That was already probably a given.

But I do do something well. I provide ample and great reading material for you when using the John. If you know someone named, John I deeply apologize.

So there you have it. I am stressed like a monkey trying to get done with small shopping, columizing, and just trying to find sleep where I ever I can.  If I take a nap though right now, just count this day as shot!

Oh God I am gotta be so strong. Which I am so not. Pillows are my weakness. I need to stop falling asleep as I read this. I am definietly no Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa would never fall asleep when writing a blog.

So that is just a quick up date of my sufferings. Again a quick recap: Me=No Mother Theresa. Got it? Good.

P.S. In my constant war with the spam commentors, I will have to say one spammer broke through my force field. It’s words rang true to my heart. To NLP Practitioner, touche. Touche.

Spammers 1

Marina 0

NLP Practitioner wrote: Keep the posting up. I never thought I would find an individual that had close to the same grasp of worldly knowldege , however, you are that beacon of hope in humanity!I hope you continue to bring your knowldge and enlightenment to the world and never let your expression be squelched! Live strong!

Now how can I stay mad at you Spamville! I accept my role as beacon of hope in humanity. Indeed, live strong!


Comments on: "I Am No Mother Theresa" (4)

  1. It’s almost over…2 more days then sleep…be strong my friend! OR just drink lots of coffee with Bailey’s in it. You know that is one brilliant idea I just gave you and I think I might just have to go make me some coffee! Good thing I bought Bailey’s today! (along with 3 bottles of wine and have to make it through the holidays somehow!) 😉
    Rock on girlfriend!
    Oh and Love your new column!

  2. Coffee with Baileys or lots of vodka. lol, whatever works!

  3. Ugh I hate that monkey it scares the hell outta me lol i love coffee an Presidente or Amaretto mmm i love it

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