In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I normally read to my girls every night. Normally, unless I am sooo tired/sick/etc. However, we have been pretty regular. I do love reading to them though it has been turning into a 2 hour discussion about a 7 page book.

After a  couple of nights, I realized that I somehow got thrown into a book club.  And quite possibly there was no way out.

We were reading a book called “My Mother is Mine“. It’s a real cute short story book.  Each page shows a mother and baby doing an activity. For instance, the page will read My mother is strong and it shows a mother tiger carrying her baby cub.  With each page, there is at least a 20 minute discussion about why the mother in the picture is doing whatever she is doing.

One discussion tripped me out. Have you ever seen those commercials that show why Bing is the best search engine? You know, the kind where a person asks a question like Why is the sky blue? And the person next to him says Blue is a color, the perception of which is evoked by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wave length of roughly 440–490 nm. And then someone else jumps in the and says light and spins off in a totally different direction.

Well my kids did that all on their own.  I was in a Bing commercial for a while there.

We turned to a page that read My mother feeds me. It showed a mother bird feeding her baby bird a worm. Thank god she wasn’t regurgitating in its mouth or we would have had serious problems.  So after I read the line they immediately raised their hand.

Savannah (talking 75 mph) : “Birds eat worms, spiders, bugs, twigs,  ants and caterpillars with stickers. Stickers are those things that um, you get on your feet when you don’t have shoes. And you’re mom gets mad cause she said to um, put your shoes and you didn’t listen. So you got stickers walking on the ground of America. America is where we live. But we live in a house. In America.”

She said this all under one breath. Poor girl. She has all this knowledge in her head bouncing around that when she speaks it all comes out at once. So there I am in awe cause in reality I am not even sure what I heard. Worms, stickers and America was about all I retained.

Sienna’s hand then raises: ” Does Santa like lunchables?”

“What? ” I say.

Sienna : “Santa is fat and cookies are bad for his tummy.”

So then the attention turned to Santa’s diet and what they recommended for him. Funny since they don’t  seem concerned with what he is bringing but rather what he is eating.

Savannah: “Santa should eat Chinese food. Chinese food is little. I don’t like Chinese food cause I like big stuff.”

Sienna: “I like small food. Small food is best cause it doesn’t get stuck in your throat.”

The whole time I am trying to get them back into the book. And also trying to remember when Sienna choked on something.

Then all of a sudden Sienna yells, “The owl says Who Dat?”

We all burst out laughing.

Our book club is enthralling and you will definitely leave learning some thing. Whether you wanted to know it or not.  Or even if has nothing to do with nothing.

So I told them, “Hey you guys we just started a book club.”

The girls looked at each other, then attacked me. They jumped on me bringing me down to their bed giving me the most massive suffocating hug ever.

So now that I am in … I don’t think I want to ask how to get out.



Comments on: "We Will Jump You If You Want In" (9)

  1. Aww the kid “jump in” only death will get you out. HAHAHA Dont you just LOVE kid jabber!?! I DO!! Its my favorite ❤

  2. This is priceless! Reminds me of hanging out with Monkey Boy a.k.a. The Tackler (really, Kel and I should have got together on blog names for him). The other day he informed me that the Cochlea was the round circle in your ear and that the ear drum was where you got ear infections and that Saturn had rings and Neptune was the coldest planet and that you put salt on food to make it taste good… all in about 2.4 seconds.

    I wanna join your book club. It sounds like a blast!

  3. This made me smile! Such a cool post. Kids crack me up with their thought process, 287 things wanting to come out of their mouths at one time. I am pretty sure my kids have damaged my brain at one point or another because it seems they both do it and at the same time. My brain finds the overload button and automatically shuts off and drool starts coming out of my mouth.

  4. Awww. That has to be one of the best bedtime stories EVER! Santa does not like lunchables because there is not enough chocolate in them. Just sayin…

    I miss those days. I still don’t understand half of what mine say, but thats another story altogether.

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