In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I went to my daughter’s Christmas performance. She and her class danced to Let it Snow. She was dressed as a little snowflake.  I will have to say as soon as I saw her up there, I choked up. My eyes got all watery, damn it I was in tears. Throughout all the performances, I got choked up again. These cute little kids were killing me.

No one else was crying but this spaz mom. Get it together Marina! Fuck, now its the sugar plum fairies out there dancing away!

I have been a royal mess this Christmas. I have been crying during commercials, radio commercials, Christmas plays, even yesterday as I bought a few more gifts.  So I have concluded that I am either pregnant or I finally lost it. However, I am on the strongest birth control known to man.  No it’s not abstinence! Do you know the guilt trip I would get?!?!

So, I have clearly lost it. I am psycho with feeling and emotion. If you have any muscle relaxers, Xanex, or even Vicodin, I will gladly take your donations.


There is a great blogger that normally has a segment entitled “What the Frack Fridays?” and she blogs about the crazy things that happen to her. I had such one occurrence last night.

My kids, especially Ryan, had been sick with congestion. Even though they are doing much better, they still have a cough. And it gets irritated when they run or over-exert themselves. But who am I kidding? Kids are king of overexerting themselves.

“Stop jumping. You are gonna get a coughing fit.”

“Stop running. You’re throat is going to get all dry!”

“Stop laughing at uncontrollably. Psycho runs in this family. Don’t think I won’t have you checked out!”

So Gus was playing with all the kids last night. He would growl and try to catch them. All three of them would run away and soon they would jump on the couch with me and hide under a blanket.  After several minutes of this, Ryan had an attack of the dry coughs. Remember he is only 1 and half, so when he coughs, he acts like he dying. So out of nowhere, he starts to gag and cough. And then he spews out some throw up near me and on the couch. Instinctively, Gus, Savannah, and Sienna, who stop to stare,  start gagging and going through the motions of throwing up. I am in shock that this is all their reactions. And it’s actually kinda funny. They all run out the living room to leave me to clean up Ryan and the mess (of course!).

As I am cleaning this mess, scrubbing the couch, and putting stuff to wash, I am amazed that I didn’t lose my cool (or dinner!). I am such in a good mood that I don’t get grossed out when I realize that there is throw up is in my hair somehow. All I know is I rock. Also, I live with a bunch of pansies.

I hear Gus hacking his lung away in the bathroom. Wimp. Savannah threw up in the bathroom missing the toilet  completely. Amateur. And Sienna has managed to keep her dinner down but she looks a bit pale. Wuss.

I am so proud of myself. I climb up on the living room coffee table and announce to the world, “I am Super Mom. Able to handle sticky situations, smelly messes, runny noses, and other indescribable things. I have an iron stomach. I am super mom!”

Gus was watching me. He looked slightly yellow.

I looked at him and laughed, ” You can kneel at my feet now.”

He rolled his eyes and walked away.

To be a super hero is to be so misunderstood.


Comments on: "The Hero of the Night Aka Super MOM" (9)

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  2. Love the comic picture. Nice post

  3. LMAO! Were we sisters in a former life? Maybe it’s MY former spirit haunting your closet….shit. Sounds like a scene from my house.

    We are definitely misunderstood and surrounded by amateurs. Psycho runs in my family too. I caught the psycho and I threaten to have the kids checked out regularly (have to in order to keep them in line). I had to follow through on the threat with (15) once. He came out of it with a diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome. (12) and (10) now know I’m not fucking around now. Ha!

  4. I have finally made it to my computer to comment! Yay me! I know you have been waiting with anticipation for my oh so wise words! 😉
    I loved this post! Your Super Mom cape is now in the mail on it’s way to you! Where it with pride fellow super mom. Wearing the cape means that the kids will get their own juice when needed, no husband will roll his eyes or laugh at you and when vomiting occurs it bounces off of you and on to your spouse! It is the Wonderous Super Mom Cape! Dunt dun dun na! Super MOM!

  5. Love how it goes from Super Mom being the only one who gets choked up at the Christmas concert to Super Mom being the only one who doesn’t get choked up with the coughing/spewing episode. As a dad, I’ll be first to admit it: moms rule.

    Your page looks awesome, by the way. That header pic is really cool.

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