In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

My Closet Investigation

Whenever I wanna get down to my kids’ level, I start to talk like them.

For instance, my oldest daughter Savannah was not cooperating with me in the morning when trying to get her dressed for school. She was half-asleep which doesn’t make sense cause she was asleep by bed time. She has her mother’s sleeping skills. And yes it’s on my resume!

So I said, “OMG Savannah, yesterday at work, I was eating my lunch at then this guy (I’ll make up a name) threw his french fry at me. So I stuck my tongue at him and then he growled at me and I ran away and he chased me in the parking lot.”

She looks at me all wide-eyed. And it worked she is awake.


I was reading a friend’s blog the other day and she was talking about her account of visiting and staying at a haunted hotel in Dallas. I wanted to do the same thing as well. So I went to the Stanley Hotel website and looked up rooming information. If you don’t know, the Stanley Hotel was the hotel featured in The Shining .


Besides my self, the only other person I would have to take to Colorado is my body-guard, Gus. You never know if one of my 7 readers is actually really crazy and lives in Colorado. Who knows what all that snow does to a person. And if you saw Gus (all 6’5ft  and 300 lbs of him), you might wanna stay away. Taking Gus worked out fine due to the fact that Gus is my husband so I wouldn’t have to pay for a second room for him. It also worked out that I am married to my body-guard, so technically he would pay for the whole trip.

But all the rooms were booked for this weekend. I cried a little into my pillow pet. However, the show must go! Or the blog.

So I decided to improvise.  In my bedroom, on the side that Gus sleeps, is our closet. At night, it freaks us out cause it looks like a long deep hole to an abyss.

My closet doesn't have stairs but it would be kick ass if it did!

Every night, we have to close the door. If not, when we turn to that side, all we see is the deep darkness of the closet. So the door is always closed. Perhaps we have an overactive minds, but we are not willing to take the chance. I always tell people the closet is haunted. Gus then rolls his eyes.

“It’s not haunted. This house is barely 20 yrs old. The first family that lived here moved away.” He says to me and to my embarrassment to the people I tell.

Whatever. Always trust your gut. And my gut says its haunted. And that a little girl lives in there.     Ok, that part may not be true. Ok, it is not true. But it helps to sell the story.

So I thought what better time to enter into the closet and take the challenge.

The first thing I noticed entering into the closet is that the light switch is on the outside of the closet and not in. So once I turn off the lights, enter into the closet, and close the door, I am in complete darkness.  Eerie. There is nothing that I can do about it at this point.   Ghostly house construction workers? Hmmm, I just might be on to something.

So I felt around in my closet. I couldn’t see a thing. Our closet is  a mess. My kids like to hide in there and pull clothes off the hangers and I know there are shoes scattered on the floor. I felt for the floor and knelt down. Complete silence.

“Is there any body in here.” I say to the darkness.


“What do you want?” I say.


“Are you pissed that we live here now?”

Nothing still.

“Are you pissed that the closet is a mess?”

I bump my head on the shoe rack behind me. And right then I hear a bump and a low rumbling. Then, boom, a shoe hits my head.

I freak the fuck out! I scramble to get out. Once I get out I feel for the bump on my head and analyze the high heel that hit me.

Clearly, we had a ghost. But I was wrong. So damn wrong.  It wasn’t a little girl but obviously a full-grown woman that haunted our closet. She clearly  didn’t like that the closet was a mess. As I looked at my high heel,  it was an old BCBG high heel. I also realized, my eyes widened, that this ghost was no ordinary lady ghost. I was housing a Sex in the City alumni!





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  2. AWESOME post! I soooo want to “investigate” my kitchen I swear we’re haunted I swear it and the damn ghost likes my boos! Im onto that ghost Im onto it I TELL YA! sorry I got a little excited there for a minute

  3. Dude…we are sooo warped! Lol

  4. LMAO! First I must say that spending the night in a haunted hotel is on my bucket list. I MUST do this sometime in 2011. HAVE TO-

    You are a brave woman to venture into that damn haunted closet. Next time you must capture the investigation in night vision on camera. Ooooooooooooooooh

  5. I would totally avoid the closet if I thought it was haunted ima big chicken shit lol

  6. This was funny! I have a shoe monster that lives in my closet. Or is it in my head and thats what makes me buy all my shoes? hmmmm……

    • Wow. I would rather have what you have. Definitely. Cause if my husband ever complained. I would be like, you’re really gonna get mad at me. The girl with the monster on her head?!? Case closed.

  7. I want to stay in a haunted hotel, too. The Stanley Hotel would be a cool place to stay. How much are you charging to spend the night in your closet?

  8. I’d like a reservation for a party of “ME” please!

    • Ok but just to be clear I am not responsible for any shoes hitting heads, or what you might step on, and if your pregnant or faint of heart …. this ride ain’t for you!

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