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Favorite Blog Friday

I have now decided to re-post a blog every Friday to help get other bloggers’ posts out there and also so you can see what I find so funny. This first re-post is actually a post that was a re-post by Thypolar Life Censored. The actual blog we will be focusing on is from “Waxing Lyrical”. Enjoy her holiday survival blog.

Ho-Ho-HOW to Shop:Etiquette for the Holiday Shopper (Guest Blogger) My blog has been hijacked today by a great blogging friend who has very similar views and opinions as I do on public displays of stupidity. So when she agreed to do this post on holiday shopping etiquette for me, I was thrilled. Her blog “Waxing Lyrical” contains many of these posts which have put me in tears and made me laugh in ways that can only result with you gasping for air. For all of my faithful readers who have never ventured to my “chec … Read More

via Thypolar Life Uncensored & Waxing Lyrical”.


Comments on: "Favorite Blog Friday" (5)

  1. I’m honored to have been the first in your repost tradition. 🙂

    • Well it was hilarious …. and I was like I need to share this. And I should try to post on Fridays. And well, thats what happened. You did a good job. You and Waxing Lyrical

  2. Thanks for this I almost pee’d when I read #4-

    Words of Wisdom: Bring your lawn clippers – you might need to use them. Bonus: you can go home with two free ornaments for your tree!

  3. I have to admit that i sometimes get bored to read the whole thing but i think you have a unique blog. Grats !

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