In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Everyone dictated how their Thanksgiving, so I figured I should a well .

It was good.

So anyways, did you see in the news Leslie Nielsen died? Truly sad.

I am just kidding. Of course, my Thanksgiving was awesome. I ate like I hadn’t eaten all day. And truth be told, I hadn’t. Do you do the same thing I do? You don’t eat the whole day in hopes that that cancels all the calories you will gather that evening.  Honestly though, that’s not my reason. I do that so I can Muthafuckin PIG out on Thanksgiving. Eat like there is no tomorrow. I don’t wanna eat breakfast cause that will just spoil the whole meal. And yes it is hard, but in the end I never regret it.

This year I made my traditional turkey saturated in butter, beer, and white beer.  It’s all about texture people. And speeding up the process to get hammered! Ahem.

We also tried something very new. We smoked a turkey. Well Gus did. And everyone! Everyone! loved it. It was like something out of the world. Once you took a bite a light from heaven dawned on you and angels sung. It was magical. And who does everyone have to thank for this perfection?

No not Gus. Yes he did cook it. However, we wouldn’t even have this master grill (propane, charcoal, smoker, and cooker in one!) if it weren’t for ME. SO yes, you should be thanking me.

And really ladies, if you love BBQ, I highly encourage you to get your man this:

Fellas, behold!

Seriously ladies you will thank me. If your husband already loves to grill out, he will LOVE it more and that means less time in the kitchen for you. Next year I am not even making a turkey. Gus is going to smoke two.

“What a great idea honey! You’re so smart. No wonder you’re the man!”

He has been so excited that any chance he gets to cook, he does! Guess what I had for lunch yesterday? Smoked ribs! I have clearly hit the jack pot! It’s expensive but it was.worth.every.penny.


I find it strange that we celebrate a tradition based on the Native Americans and the Pilgrims coming together to have a meal together.

I gotta give it the Natives and their smoked turkey recipe!

And then the Pilgrims made it their mission and their children’s mission and their children’s children mission to wipe out the entire race of the Native Americans and steal their land.  And it’s true when they say history repeats itself.

At my Thanksgiving feast, we had the pilgrims(grown-ups) and the Natives (kids). However, this time there was a revolt. And the Natives reclaimed their land. We pilgrims did it to ourselves and stuffed ourselves silly. So we collapsed from our big belly onto the couch while the Natives ran wild in the house. Toys. Everywhere. Bathroom became a water park party. Constant fighting, dancing around the fire (the grill) and I think someone scalped me because my hair feels so much thinner.

As long as they are locked away....

Again a successful Thanksgiving.

No one went to the hospital!

And no one got hands for hooks!


Comments on: "Thanksgiving (how truly unoriginal)" (16)

  1. Great Post! My husband would be in smoker heaven with that get up! He loves to grill and smoke chickens (beer can chickens) so I am going to have to keep that in mind for him! I have never had a smoked turkey but I bet it is delicious! The kids in the kennel is absolutely HILARIOUS! I’m glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

  2. real-life-fantasy said:

    Sounds like fun. No barbecues in the sunny UK. Just snow! Brrrrrrrr

  3. This post cracked me up. My husband smokes ham in our smoker but it’s not nearly as badass as your smoker. I think if our husbands had a smoke-off, mine would feel inadequate.

    I don’t eat all day on Thanksgiving either. I want to make sure I’m good and hungry when I sit down to stuff myself into a stupor.

    • Great stomachs think alike.
      My husband really did hit grill heaven. He is constantly now downloading recipes, watching cooking shows. It’s kinda great.

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  5. i got ian that exact grill, except it was $100 cheaper. Black Friday baby!

  6. LMAO – Sweet. Sounds like the perfect holiday. I always say that if there isn’t a trip to the hospital, it was a success! I didn’t eat the whole day either. I somehow think I’ll be able to put more of the feast into my gut if I starve myself first 🙂 I will have to try the beer glazed turkey next year. Spectacular idea!

  7. We went to a restaurant to stuff ourselves and I didn’t eat either in hopes of stuffing myself to the point of exploding. It was a success! I’m glad your Thanksgiving was like food heaven, wish I had some of your food, especially the smoked Turkey!

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