In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I didn’t even know Common Sense was issued a special day. I thought it was kinda one of those things that you just practiced. everyday.  Kinda like good will and eluding the IRS.

I think it was Voltaire who said “Common sense is not so common”. 

And its true. Just in the few hours that I have been awake. I have seen many examples of  the not so intelligent.  As I got on the free way, there was an accident. It however was not a two car little fender bender. NO! It was like a 6 car fender bender. At that, I have to say :DUMBASS!   How are we not  paying attention??!! I have been hit before and it all just goes back to someone not paying attention. Someone too in hurry for the rest of the world. Normally I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass because rats don’t really have an ass. It’s more like a furry tush of some kind. However today is Common Sense day. And you dumb 6 people just made the rest of us late! Thank you. I hope your insurance rates sky-rocket clear into heaven!

I go over a mountain everyday to work. Well my Tahoe does. I am merely for the ride. As you drive off the mountain, it turns from a two lane to a one lane with oncoming traffic to the side. So it sucks as the two lanes merge if you get stuck behind a slow ass car. Cause your stuck like that for a while. It just so happened that I and another two cars were right about to get stuck behind this grandma driving car. The SUV right behind her was obviously waving her hand and snapping her fingers in a Hell No expression and SPEEDED IN THE ONCOMING TRAFFIC LANE TO GET AHEAD!  Was I the only one who knew what today is?!?!

I know everyone has an off day. My game was on today. So what’s your excuse?

As soon I got into the office this morning, I checked my email. And what do you know I received an email entitled “Would you like bigger breasts?! If so click here!”

Well folks, stuff like this is a no brainer. I am tired of repeating my self. I feel like an old record. A broken one!

So what did I do? I CLICKED FOR GOD SAKES! Of course I wasnt bigger honkers. Sign me up buddy for whatever your selling!


Comments on: "Happy Common Sense Day …if you have it." (12)

  1. And this my friend is why we are friends . . . I need to yell at the bum half in the garbage dumpster outside my window to go ALL the way in not just half way – I mean really – how else will he get the good stuff at the bottom? Dude, common sense

  2. Loved your post! Unfortunately, common sense is more of a commodity nowadays. But, it all makes for a great laugh and an entertaining life.

  3. I am convinced that common sense is dead. Whether it was murdered into a bloody awful mess of a death or committed suicide because it felt is gone. RIP Common Sense. I did not know that there was a common sense day..maybe if we all pray hard enough or pull out the old ouigi board we can bring it back from the dead!!!! I would love to see it make a haunting come back!

  4. I know several people who don’t have common sense, I try to avoid them because they do the dumbest shit and I know it’s because they are lacking in the common sense department.

  5. It was National Caps Lock Day a week and a half ago. Yes, we have a National Caps Lock Day, but no common sense day.


  6. Oh man… don’t even get me started on common sense.

    In particular, those that display such an utter lacking of it to the delight of my Tackler who then goes, “I can do THAT!”

    Or the drivers who think the highway is the Indy 500 nearly sideswipe you in their efforts to gain a single car length.

    Or the idiots in restaurants who ask your child, “Do you want a cookie?”

    Of course they WANT a cookie, you frakking moron.. They’re THREE! It doesn’t mean I want him to have one.

    See, I said don’t get me started.. 🙂

    How about we make this day everyday people… Just an idea..

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