In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Pist-off O-Mania!

I am heated! I am steamed! I am so mad right now that I wanna stomp my feet and throw something! I have this raging pit of emotion in my chest and I just want to yell!

Before this job, I was jobless. Of course I was. Thats what you are WHEN YOU HAVE NO JOB! (Breathe in breathe out!) I am calming down so I can write this out or I will break the keyboard.  So as I was saying, I just had my son and I was just at home. Whenever Gus was out-of-town, he would have me take some of his paperwork or things to his office that needed to be turned in. I eventually became friends with the secretary. We even joked that I am there so much that I should work there.

And boom! There was a job opening and she got me an interview. Of course, the bosses were a little hesitant (a little? They basically kept reminding me that I was on probation ALL.THE. TIME.) on hiring me, but I proved my self ready to handle the job. Within a year I got promoted, and I am now the administrative assistant in my husband’s cabling department. He is like a foreman and works out in the field. I see him a lot but I don’t work with him.

I have now been here over a year. And I have to say working with your husband has NOT been the best idea. Because he was always out-of-town, I figured this would be the best way to see him & make some money at the same time. Make some money and see your honey? SCORE! And not only that, but I knew this job well.

Since I started, he has given me rules. I have to basically constantly check how I am dressed. Granted I don’t dress like a slut or anything. I wear regular shit you wear to work. Dress pants, blouses, buttoned shirts.  And its my fault if someone is checking me out.  Its my fuckin fault. I have to be careful which guys I talk to because I might  give them the wrong impression. WTF! All I have deemed from this working experience is that men are fucking stupid!

He was never jealous. But I guess since I am in his element, he is all freakin paranoid! And it makes me mad. He was all for me working here. So what’s the damn problem?!? This is a fucking job not a club.

Recently I got delegated the task of finding out all the guys’ shirt sizes cause they are upgrading the uniform. So I asked Gus for his and his guys’ shirt size. He said he would let me know. He never did. One of his techs was in the building the following day so I asked him for his shirt size and the guys that were with him. And man, did Gus get mad? Why did I go above his head? Are you fucking serious? Are you that much on a power trip that you gotta delegate even their underwear size?! That was like two weeks ago.

And today, I texted Gus to let him know that I needed him and his crew to come and fill out some paperwork. And do you know what his response was? “Why don’t you just tell Rob to take care of that for you?”

Okkkkkkk ……

 I love sarcasm. Its funny. When you’re trying to be funny. When you’re trying to be a psychotic asshole? Not so funny! In fact, its down right the medicine to piss me the fuck off! Are you fucking with me?!!? Have you not lived with me? Do you know that I go from sweet petite Marina to pist off crazy ass Harlem bitch that is ripping off her earings to kick some ass in 0.5 seconds?!?!

Soooo yeah, I don’t get it. I just needed to vent. We can’t all be sweethearts I guess.

This is just another reason why you should never work with your husband.

In the end you will eventually try to kill each other.  Right now I am drawing him naked and plan to post it on the internet.  Sweet google revenge!


Comments on: "Pist-off O-Mania!" (14)

  1. Woah I have an image in my head “(more like a mini movie) of you going through the office lookin like Rambo gettin your answers and your hubby is the POW … thats just what entered my mind but thats just me

  2. Love the pix! Yea, honey and money sounds good together…..the reality, not so much!


  3. get it out girlfriend…get it out…

  4. Goosfraba is the word ur looking for.

  5. I like to beat stuff up when I’m pissed off, like fluffy, innocent little pillows. Seems to help with letting the steam out.

  6. you think youre gonna have a wonderful jim and pam work situation going on but if you think that your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend is even slightly a jealous control freak, GET ANOTHER JOB!!!! trust me, as i am going thru this exact thing right now.

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