In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I think the best way to explain my interests is that I am a bit wishy-washy. Not as a person mind you. I mean I am into one thing for a while and then after a while I am into something completely different. For instance for while I will be into a certain type of music. And then after a while it will change. There was a whole summer that I was obsessed with music videos. And that’s all I did was watch music videos on YouTube. And now the very thought of it does not interest me.

Last year I discovered The Moody Blues. And oh how I love the Moody Blues! During that time I was jamming to the Mamas and the Papas, The Association, Canned Heat, Jefferson Airplane. I have been described as a hippie. Truth be told, if I could go back to any era I would definitely go back to the late 60’s. Imagine the free love, the ironed straight hair, Woodstock, an ample supply of Mary Jane. That’s my kind of era! And yes, of course, the history that was in the making. It’s always about history, am I right?

Then all of a sudden I got into blogs. I discovered all these funny blogging people (Shoutout to The Bloggess, Vodka and Groundbeef, Girl On the Contrary, Girl Normal, and so many more. HOLLA). And thus this blog begin. Cause I was always silly and retarded. I needed to express it. I don’t need any feedback just a black hole that I can shout into and not hear an echo. I need a black abyss! That is what this all is. Therapy for the soul!

Any who, so now I have discovered all this new music. Lily Allen, Vampire Weekend, The XX, Florence and the Machine, The Radio Dept, Marina and the Diamonds, The Avett Brothers, Kate Nash etc etc.

Point is I realized that I don’t want to be set in my ways just yet. I am still too young for that. I wanna still learn and grasp new things. I want to still discover new things. The sensation I get from writing is awesome. It’s kinda like a renewal for life. Okay maybe that’s a bit hardcore. Its more like the skip in my step. Its makes the day that much enjoyable.

And I don’t want my kids to just like one thing either. I want them to be exposed to all sorts of things. I like Lady Gaga but they can’t just like Lady Gaga. They have to hear Lynard Skynard, Bush, Elvis, Coconut Records, The Eurythmics, Fleetwood Mac. I want them to know them. I want them to know all music.


Comments on: "Short Ass Post … well it is!" (2)

  1. The 60s would have totally been my era too. Lily allen is awesome.

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