In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Sometimes ….

Sometimes there ain’t shit to write about.  I could tell you about my weekend.

I guess I just will. My muse left some good tidbits over the weekend but the dumbass that I am forgot to write them down and lately my memory is for shit so, you are definitely screwed for this post.

I took my girls to Savannah’s school fall festival.  It was pretty cool.  Classes had booths within the entire school. Savannah’s class did face painting. I volunteered to help out in face painting. I learned something about my self that day during my special volunteer time.

 I suck at face painting. Seriously! I suck! I can’t draw to save my life.

To my defense, I didn’t feel like I was given the proper materials or a quick walk thru on what I was supposed to do. I sat there and looked at the paint brushes and was immediately perplexed.  I was there hoping to score some points with Savannah’s teacher. You know, be on good terms with the Teach. However, I am pretty sure she was in horror at my art.  And these kids, of course, didn’t spare the torture, or the reminder that I would never make it as an artist. Seriously the whole starving artist. I would take it to the next level. I would be the starved-to-death-artist.

I would be begging on the street “Draw you a heart for an egg mcmuffin!”

Anyway, these kids brought on the “imagination.” Some kid asked me for a horse. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!  Another one asked me for a fairy. A person! With wings! Do I look like Picasso?!?!  I was like whoa whoa, lets tone it down a bit. How about a good triangle? I’ll throw some glitter on it? What about a pretty bug?!? Come on man, I’ll make that bug my bitch. I am certain these kids walked away thinking, Man that chick sucked!

Saturday we went grocery shopping. This post just keeps better and better. I mean grocery shopping. I am a rodeo fucking princess!  We went to the brand new Wal-Mart! Cause that is what really cool mexicans do! We walk the fuck around Wal-Mart admiring shit we have seen at other Wal-Marts. Do you see the mind twist? We don’t either!

We got all technology advanced Saturday night and rented a movie off On Demand from our Direct TV. We never do that. It just always seemed to complicated. We rented something for the whole family. How To Train Your Dragon. 

One awesome movie!

It was so awesome. And don’t you get annoyed when you are more into the movie then your own kids. At the end they swore they liked it. All I know is, this movie just renewed my love for Gerald Butler. Damn that man is hot.

Even as fat hairy viking, he is still able to make me get goosebumps.  Arrrggghhh Gerald Butler. Wait people it’s ok. I am not perv! I was recently informed during Rob Zombie’s Showtime Animated series El Super Superbeasto that it is ok to self satisfy using cartoons. Asians do it all the time! Whew!

And of course Sunday (not even going to mention the Cowboys losing and destroying my love of anything wonderful and pure!) was Halloween. Halloween was already a pain in my ass because it was a Sunday. Halloween should have rules like Thanksgiving. Always on a Friday or something. 

My Lil Pony


My lil Pirate

My lil Frankie

As the mom of these three I just have to say, Don’t I have the cutest kids? Don’t answer that ! Wait, go ahead. I mean come on! People should have been throwing candy at my kids! They are so dang cute!

The hustle and bustle to get your kids candy is a crazy one. But the reward is sweet! Am I right? Sweet sweet candy.

Right now I am loving this song Crystalised by The xx. Have you heard it? If you have not check them out. I am going to find more songs by them cause right now that’s all I got.  I mean I should do my research in case this band totally sucks and I just recommended them to you.

Look all I know is that this one song rocks!


Comments on: "Sometimes …." (10)

  1. The kiddos look adorable!!! I love their costumes. Savannah’s costume is pretty! I remember one of my cousins LOVED my little pony. Sienna looks beautiful in her little pirate costume. Arrrggghhh matey!!! Aww and the l;ittle Frankenstein Ryan is knocked out he was so tired from all the trick or treating huh. I do agree with you that Halloween should always fall on a certain given day like saturdays but not sundays ppl work minday so there cant be any parties and friday ppl work all day they dont want to go home and set up their house and have everyone over ugh i totally feel u on that!

  2. You DO have the cutest kids. but im partial cuz i hate children. These just happen to make me laugh once in a while.

  3. love LOVE the costumes!!! And yes I do agree Gerald Butler is HOTT!

  4. Your offspring are little nuggets of preciousness. So cute.

    For a second, I thought one kid asked you to draw an egg McMuffin on her face. That’s hilarious.

  5. That baby totally wimped out and crashed early.

  6. Your kids are absolutely adorable!

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