In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

This is what I do at my job.

I work in the all male side of the department. It’s not as glamorous at it sounds. The guys go out and physically do work. I get their paperwork and check it against what they physically put down. That’s what I do everyday.

The other day my boss asked me to do the exact same thing. It was a bit more critical because besides double checking it I also had to make an outline for the discrepancies.  Yet basically this is something I do everyday. Once I was done, I handed it to my boss. He said, “Thanks.” I was like you’re welcome and like always tried to run out of his office. Most people would agree, a boss’s office is one of the scariest places to be.

Those ghost hunters haven’t seen scary til they get one there EMF meter and find all the past distressed souls that still roam the office. Gives me the hee bee geebies!

So am I was fleeing, escaping, leaving his office and  he continues, “No really Marina. Thank you. This was something big and important and you knocked it out. This was a lot of extra work. And I just wanna say thank you so much… blah blah blah.”

First off, compliments make me uncomfortable. Sorry my shallowness only rocks itself from 7pm to 9pm on weekends. Then I don’t give a fuck. I know I am bad ass.

Anyways, as usual, I start to crack a dumb joke cause I am lame. But then I stopped my self. Maybe my shallowness thought it was Saturday. I don’t know.  I held back the lame comment and just him praise me and I said “your welcome.”AND NO! Nor did I do my signature move. My usual Fonzie move where I put my fingers up and say “hey no problem”.  I am so fun. And not the least bit lame … oh no.

As I was thinking about it later (cause I am an analyzer and that’s what I do), I was like what the heck did he have to thank me so profusely.  When you get a hooker, and she does all that you ask, you don’t say, “Thanks a lot. You went above the line on this one.” Hello! Thats her mutha f- job yo! It’s big head shaker to me.  If my boss was like here is a hundred dollars for a job well done. Well, THERE WOULD BE NO BLOG. Cause everyone would be happy. I get he was being nice. But again, that is my job. Everyday. I didn’t do anything different. Unless it was his job, and he made me do it and then felt guilty about it after the fact.  THEN that jerk!

Then last night, my man woke me from a blissful slumber for some of his much needed R&R. After we were done, he patted my butt and said, “Thanks babe. You were great. Over the top.”

What the mother loving hell?!?!? I am creating a union for us Prostitutes! There are many out there that are getting jipped for our services! First thing on the agenda is to create a sign that reads: RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE. THIS MEAN YOU!

You praise me??!?! How about some sweet sweet cash? Our voices need to be heard. Come hookers! Join hands and sing!

In the mean time, I am going to start channeling my Pretty Woman side.

I’m just saying.


Comments on: "Do – A Female Dear, P- A Prostitute for Free!!!" (13)

  1. You got some “R&R” last night too? Damn, it must have been in the air – LOL. At least you go a pat on the butt I just got a squeeze/jiggle on my – oh wait TMI 😉
    We need to think of what color our club jackets would be

  2. My prostitution just got me a raise after 4 months on the job. yay!

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  4. The manager office at my work is awful. It’s this tinsy, tiny room that is so small you can’t even believe it’s a manager office. When they want to talk to you they close the door and then you are so close to them and so near escape, yet so far away. I know they use it as a scare tactic and if they shined a bright light on you you’d tell them anything and everything. I don’t get overthanked for my job though, but when they do, I just tell them I’m badass and no shit I’m amazing.

  5. After I indulge in some sweet R&R, I always like a clear evaluation of my performance minus any bad or negative or critical remarks. Then when my evaluation is over, I ask for stuff like snacks and gift cards.

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