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Flip Off Thursdays

My daughter came up to me and told me that her My Little Pony Costume was badass.

Apparently we have different definitions on what is and is not badass. But who am I too crush her esteem? “Of course it is honey!”

I was bored while waiting for dinner to finish baking so I started skimming through the channels. The Hot Chick was on. Yes, I have seen this movie before and I think its pretty funny. So I decided to watch it. First off, why wasn’t Rob Snider given an award for his portrayal of high school teenager? I don’t know what you think but I think it was spot on!

His emotions were real as if he were the young girl.  His acting was perfect! For instance when he is at the Club Instant Tang (what a crazy name for a club?!), and he is ordering drinks.  He is full-grown man and he is ordering strawberry fruity drinks and a slippery nipple and then he says, “And for me, a screaming orgasm on the beach with extra sugar on the rim! Yum!”  Hilarious!

Clearly Rob Snider is a genius! These were all the ways I acted like when I was teenager. He has the rolling of the eyes down! The gasp with mouth wide open. The desire to constantly be washing my hair and having my toe and finger nails done! The sarcasm at every turn. His hand gestures, his walking, it was like looking at a mirror for me!

 And then there was a part where Rob Snider (still the teenager girl) is overhearing his highschool boyfriend gush over her. He breaks down confessing how much he really loves her.  Her boyfriend (Billy) said, “When I am with her, my hearts fast and slow at the same time.”

Seriously, I got emotional. I was moved to tears. I was able to contain my self but I was just so moved by the moment, by the acting. I stood up and applauded … in my living room.

Now what I wanna know is, did The Oscars or Academy see this movie? Obviously not! It was a comedic, emotional, and self evolving movie!  How could you not think it was great??!!!! So shame on you Oscars and Academy. Do your research more throughly! You give us crap like the English Patient and District 9. WTF!

Today’s Flip Off Thursdays belongs to you both to share!

Enjoy Bitches!!!


Comments on: "Flip Off Thursdays" (9)

  1. “Make that last one a brewskie, a double brewskie” LOL

  2. Little Pony Costumes are so badass! And I haven’t checked out Hot Chick but I have watched Deuce Bigilo Male Gigilo though. Sounds like a laugh riot though, I’ll have to catch it on one of these days.

  3. I personally LOVED that movie. I thought it was better than Deuce Bigalow. Although, the girl with Tourette Syndrome in Deuce was the ultimate laugh experience. But yes, this one had me in stitches.

    • Its been a while since I have seen Deuce Bigalow. Hot Chick though goes down in the classics. Seriously when my kids are in college and they stay home and watch Turner Movie Classics … Hot Chick better be on!

  4. Here here! The Academy clearly has something against hysterical movies. They must hate laughing. I think a protest is in order. And we should all dress up in My Little Pony costumes- because I’m pretty sure that’s the best way to get taken seriously by the Academy.

  5. I confess I have never seen this but I do like him as an actor, he cracks me up. On my to do list this week -watch “hot chick”.

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