In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

This morning drive with the kids was great. First right before dropping off Savannah, she spotted a garbage truck. We all screamed and I tried to get away from the Trash Monster, as we call it.

After dropping Savannah off, it was just Sienna, Ryan, and me. I put on her favorite song (Katy Perry’s Hot & Cold) and sang at the top of our lungs til we go to Grandma’s house. Si and I were belching out the notes while Ryan was working his groove thing in his car seat. Can we say priceless!?!??!

Needless to say, we were all pumped.  I love my kids. They have a way of making things better and putting a smile on my face.

The past couple of days I have had a lot on my mind.  So I am not my usual annoyingly positive self.  I realized that I need some self-motivation. I need to feel on top again. I need to feel strong and confident. I can’t let people strip that from myself! Hell to the No! So I looked for some handouts on the internet … where else? YOUTUBE!!! Yeaaaahhhhh!

I remembered this small tidbit. And instantly I felt my mood lifting. I remembered … I’m da Boss.

And I was like Hell Yeah, I am da Boss. Always has been. I pity the fool for thinking otherwise. And then I was feeling like 30% better. A new outlook was forming in my mind. I was on the right path. Then I saw this video … and I was needless to say … pumped!

Thats right people Shut the fuck up! Hey Natalie said it! So it’s clearly ok!

I was now super high, super pumped. I was ready for a fight. I was ready for crap to go down. Cause that’s it! I am a strong woman! Or…. so I want to be. 

After yesterday’s post and my comments, I realized that part of the part of the problem is me. I never push back. I don’t have a line drawn. I don’t have a limit on how much crap I can take. Am I too nice? Ewww, I know right.  No no the problem is I don’t stand up for myself. I need to!

So that’s it! I am not gonna be miserable at others expense. I am still gonna be nice but I need to be strong as well. Thanks Natalie. Thanks Andy Sandberg! Talk about our youths’ inspirational leaders!

So I was feeling really awesome last night. I saw the horizon. The dawn of a new era!  And then I saw this … 

… and well now I am just totally confused.


Comments on: "I Got The Power or maybe 30 to Life!" (4)

  1. LOL oh man that kind of Wednesday huh? Gotta Love it

  2. I’m the boss – HI-LARIOUS. I need Andy Sandberg in my life. Together we can both be boss. How do I get him in my life?

    Your kids sound awesome. I love that you scoot away from the “Trashmonster.”

    • Thanks. I will have to agree my kids are kick ass. My oldest one (Savannah 5 yrs old) came and told me that her My Little Pony costume was badass. Most parents would have scubbed her mouth out with soap. I just said, “yes honey, your pony costume is badass.” Its all about good self esteem!

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