In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

My weekend rocked. We got the kids their costumes. They totally are too cute especially the baby girl (AKA Sienna). She is going to be an adorable pirate.

“No not cute, scwary mommy!”

That’s right. A scary pirate. My bad. 

Saturday I took advantage of my gift certificate to a nail spa. I got my eye brows done, my upper lip (I am embarrassed to say), a natural mani, and a pedicure. All I have to say: WHY HAVE I NOT BEING DOING THIS MORE?!?!? The pedicure was the best. Did you know they massage your whole lower leg and feet?!?!

Well of course YOU did but I didn’t! It was GLORIOUS!!! And the whole time she is massaging my legs and feet, the chair I was sitting on was massaging my back.


It felt like tiny little Asian fists working my back. Ahhhh! I say Asian cause everyone there was Asian. SO it makes sense. Which brings me to wonder, why do Asians always work at nail salons?

I was sooooo happy when I got home. And well, the house was a mess so we started cleaning. I was doing laundry in the garage. And I was walking out of the garage, my son (AKA the terror) decided to close the door on me right as I was walking out. I caught the door before it hit my face but it still hit my big toe lifting (LIFTING!!!!) my toe nail!

OMG. It was like having three kids at one time. I was in PAIN! And the whole time, I was like I just got a pedicure! A really really pretty one!

Pretty Feet

So now one toe is the beautiful sister and the other is like the not so pretty sister. There is has been continuous tension between the two! We are looking to Dr Phil for answers! They don’t seem to get that Mommy loves them no matter what. It’s either Dr Phil or Jerry.  Jerry, though,  seems to have more experience with angry toes.

This weekend we also celebrated Gus’s birthday. Tear Tear. My baby is growing up.  So I gave him his presents. Then his brother and a friend from work came by. Clearly they had already started the party before they got there.  Well after several hours, the guy from work (who was p.l.a.s.t.e.r.e.d.!) started getting all emotional. This guy is always acting like a bad ass, no shit-taker, and he was crying! At first, I was like is he dying of alcohol poisoning and feels the end?


He just started crying. Something about missing his wife and kids. I was like, umm didn’t you just seem them like a couple of hours ago. If you miss them so much GO HOME! Why did you come here? A couple more minutes of him being a pussy and I was like I am going in side.

Gus asked, “Where are you going?”

“Inside! I have seen less crying on Lifetime!”

Seriously, if you know this is way you handle your beer. You should not drink in public.


Miller Beer has these commercials of making fun of men who drink crappy beer instead of Miller. There is the Lower Back Tattoo guy and Speedo Wearing Guy. Well how about the Pussy Crying Full Grown Man Guy? Seriously! I am gonna work on my pitch!


Comments on: "Spa Treatment and It’s Funny When Men Cry" (3)

  1. I wanna see a pic of your ugly toe

  2. Super cute nail polish and they did a good job. I’m all about massages if I go to a Spa, I never really get my feet done, I have a foot phobia of being in the chair and having people work on it. Too many foot doctor visits when I was younger.

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