In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

DAMNIT! Why don’t car accidents happen to the people you want them to? Whoa Whoa did I just say that out loud? (Uncomfortable Laugh)  Clearly I don’t mean to wish death upon anyone. Ha Ha .. ok? Yea, never.
Good Morning! Cause it is morning as I write this. Yesterday I went again to the store that drains all my inheritance. WALGREENS!!!!

God Bless You and the Land for which You are Built On

I was there for a purpose not for spending money frivolously. And I still did that. I went to the office supply section and to my hearts desire they had cute Beatles little notebooks. If anyone knows me, they know I heart notebooks. I love paper and pens. It goes back to childhood. I not only love to write, I need to write. Its my one and only thing!

Ever since I was younger, I assumed I would be a writer. Alas, I still write but of course not professionally.  My biggest block was the fact that I had not lived life yet. Even now, a marriage deep, three kids in, I still say what experience can I have? And I realized (standing in line at Walgreens holding my new little notebook) that all this time Perhaps, yes Perhaps, I was waiting for LIFE to come crashing down on me. That is not the way it works. You gotta search for it. Hunt it down. Capture it! Slap it around and make it your bitch. 

How in the hell have I gotten so lazy? So mentally tired to do anything that mightrequire more effort than sitting on the coach and watching TV. Well,  I now plan to JUMP. Grab the bull by the horns and gain something out of this short ass life. Hells Yeah. It’s time to take action!

I am gonna make some kind mark. I finally realized my calling. Late but hey better late than never.

I remember in the 10th grade I had this real a-hole for a Chemistry teacher. And no, it’s not because he gave us to much work. It was the first day of the new semester and new class and I couldn’t find the class. So I got there about a couple of minutes late. Well first he created a scene of not letting me in. OK, I’ll give him that.

 Once he left me in he asked me in front of the entire class, “What do you want to be when you are older?” Before I could answer, he said, “If you plan to be a whore and live in a whore house, you better be the best damn whore there. ”

I was STUNNED. What the …

“If you gonna suck (God even I can’t say it!), you better be the best damn cocksucker in the place!”

He was the same way the entire year! A loony but his outlook in life was simple and yes very memorable. But he’s right. (Yikes, I am saying this) If you are gonna do something, do it right. Do it well. 

So here it is :To Mr Teacher Who Had a Mohawk and a shitty Fiesta ride. Surprisingly your words make reference now.

God, I may have gone off my rocker!


Comments on: "Homage To That “Special” Chemistry Teacher I Had in the 10th Grade" (8)

  1. I can’t believe your teacher said that to you, that is messed up! Of course, I had a teacher at a Christian school who would teach class with his hand in his pants the entire time.

    And I totally love notebooks and have loved them since I was a kid. Loved writing in them and I still get all starry eyed when I see a pretty one and I have to stop myself from getting it cause’ I have too many of them.

  2. “If you plan to be a whore and live in a whore house, you better be the best damn whore there. “ – OH HELL to the NO!!! I would have replied “whats wrong? They ban you AGAIN you fucking wanker” . . ok ok
    I feel ya on the notebook addiction – I particularly like the small thick ones (uhh well you know what I mean)

  3. Wow, that’s some tough teacher there 😀

    I also have a motto, less “colourful”: wherever you go, go with all your heart. So, it’s kinda the same.

    Best of luck with the first steps. These are the hardest, then it’s all gonna come together.

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