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What’s The Deal?!?!

I don’t know how it is in your city, but I have come to realize that my city is the epitome of class and sophistication! How so, you may ask.

Item 1

I don’t know if you could tell but this is a picture of a man. Shirtless.


While pumping gas.

I know!

What are the odds!  That I, Marina the most unobservant creature in the universe, would encounter the rare and inclusive creature known as the Shirtless Smoking Man Pumping Gas.  Again I apologize for the my picture-taking, but it’s not like I could go up to the creature and snap his Polaroid. He might run off or worse yet attack me in a rage! A smoking gas spilling rage.

This reminds me (yes another reference to the Bad Girls Club!) of the episode in the Bad Girls Club where a girl had bleach thrown on her. She dubbed it chemical warfare. Could this incident at the Diamond Shamrock be entitled Possible Nuclear Warfare? He was smoking for God Sakes! Practically nude. Well not totally nude. Cause then I would have really been without words.

My only complaint other the man smoking while pumping gas ( Again, who does that?!?!) is that the man should have really considered the other pumpees feelings. How would we feel seeing a skinny flabby man? He wasn’t fat flabby. He was skinny flabby which is just as gross. Cause all the skinny flab still hangs. And now I can’t get the image out of my mind! I need a shower! Pronto! Skinny flabby shirtless smoking men are crawling all over me. Uhhhhhh!

Thanks again, Northeast side of El Paso. You never cease to stop producing the weird, down right odd, shaking of head moments. I thought you had me at-blind-person-attempting-to -cross -freeway.

What’s the deal?


Here is something I don’t get? I have a brand new laptop from HP (and they aren’t even paying me to say that!). So it’s state the art right? WRONG!

Item 2

Look at the Jurassic Park computers it’s using to tell me its reaching a signal! If it’s still using 1990 computers, how can I trust anything anymore?  Seriously these are the ones from the Jurassic  Park movie!  See the huge desktop! There are probably dinosaur eggs in there. Who knows?!

Hp, I shake my head at you. You could have used something more up key. Unless, the lesson here is that the past will continue to haunt you? Consider yourself haunted!

HP … whats the deal?


I was at Walgreens. You could seriously go broke there and take on a second mortgage at Walgreens. It’s like a huge store of treasures.  Here is the little diddy I bought yesterday:

Item 3


Who Ryan is and why his cup was at Walgreens I have no idea. Yet, I got this cup for a great deal! Awesome.

All in all, a good yesterday.

What I learned is I need a better camera!


Comments on: "What’s The Deal?!?!" (7)

  1. I so wanted the one that said Ashley LOL I totally would have used it too lol JKJKJK

  2. blind-person-attempting-to -cross -freeway hahahahahhahaha

  3. Ugh, that is quite an image of the shirtless smoking pumping gas guy. Flabby skinny is super disturbing too, I would have said something or ask him if he forgot about his shirt or what.

    • Dude I don’t know whats going on in my city! Yesterday I was driving and the driver in front of me took off his shirt! Doesn’t the seat belt chaff … don’t you need some protection from the belt to your skin?!?!

  4. shirtless gas pumping guy – awesome

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