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Dumb Labor Laws

 Here is a thought: If a mother is standing over a messy room and starts yelling, and her kids are standing in the midst of it….. will the room ever get cleaned? No. Never!

Should your kids’ messy room warrant police action? If you are more annoyed than ever like I am .. then I say yes!

Here are my kids reasons for not cleaning:

  1. My legs are broken.
  2. I gotta pee (for the hundredth time in the last 20 mins).
  3. But it’s so boring.
  4. I like my ponies are the floor.
  5. I will clean when I am six.
  6. I forget.
  7. But its soooo boring.
  8. My brain is too tired.
  9. I like a messy room.
  10. Mommy, you do it. You like to clean.

For the record, never have I liked to clean. I guess because I am always doing it! Yeah, I would think I would love it too.

Seriously, have you ever met a clean kid? No. Then I plan to make one. I DO have the urge to have one last baby. However, if I do this one RIGHT, there is a possibility that this baby will never have a messy room.

This child will be practically perfect. Tossing towels in hampers at age 18 months. vacuuming at age 2. Sweeping at 22 months. Folding clothes at 36 months. Cleaning toilets at Age 4!

Wait I know what your thinking. Child labor laws! Don’t worry, he won’t be getting paid so it won’t be like a real job. Oh wait, that’s illegal too. Man, doesn’t free room and board count for anything anymore? Well I am stuck.

Dumb labor laws.

Well I am still standing over a messy room. Hey, if I clean it (and I know I will be) I wont be getting paid either. I should report this. I’ll talk to the guy in charge.

My husband said nothing is owed to me because of my $100 Nike. Hey in my defense, I didn’t know it was $100 til after it was charged. What’s wrong with a late birthday gift anyways?

Dumb labor laws!


Comments on: "Dumb Labor Laws" (19)

  1. LOL – we cracked the whip when our older ones were 10 – but it only seemed to last about a week – we offered an allowance now they say “eh you’ll get it for me anyway – what do I need $$ for?” Smart ass kids (as I log on and pay all THREE cell phones and put $$ on their prepaid cards so they have little change – $10.00 – for the weekend) Man I’ve been swindled!!! LOL

  2. Funny stuff, Marina. The good sign with the excuses is that they demonstrate creativity. Having our kids “help” with cleaning typically leads to more cleaning. We’ve pretty much just given up on it.

    Hey, Bill left a comment at my blog for you concerning the question about how to get your blog title to display with your username.

    Take care,

    Chase McFadden

  3. haha savannah really is always saying her legs are broken. She also says that she’s too little to do it.

  4. I always love reading your blogs! Want another excuse : I did clean it! (from a 17yr old whilt I look at the hangers still on the floor, bed unmade, numerous other violations). Oh, and my personal favorite from my son: “If I clean it, then I won’t know where anything is!!!”

    My solution: I have a niece that was raised as you “think” your next child will be! Well, almost…at 6, she vac better than I did…and the entire house. So, for extra money, sometimes I ask her to help clean my house…..she throws broken toys away, loose paper away…in other words….trash that the kids SWEAR they need. So when I want my kids to clean their room now, I just say “Ok.. You don’t have to. I’ll call Crystal.” “NO!!! I’LL CLEAN IT!!” So, I tell them, “if it’s not done by (fill in the blank) I’m calling Crystal and you will not get another chance” It gets cleaned.

    Maybe I’m mean….but it’s a lot easier to keep their rooms clean!!! They even make their beds every morning now!!!

    Take care! Still going to email you….hopefully today!


  5. oy is this what i have to look forward to when i have kids?!?! lol jk

  6. I’m an adult and still can’t keep a clean room so I don’t fault anybody. As long as the room looks like you made an attempt to clean it then I guess it’s cool lol.

  7. I always liked how they made children clean out chimneys with their little children fingers during the Victorian era. Those were the days.

  8. My mom hates cleaning and she is waaay past the age of being a kid, but she sure acts like one sometimes. I know though, I was terrible at cleaning up my room, but I’m gonna try and train my kids to clean whenever I have them. Have them be my little servants!

  9. My rule is if I can smell your room I clean it with my garbage bag. If I cant see your floor in your room I clean it with a garbage bag. If clothes don’t make it into the laundry, you go to school naked. My kids are teens, and I think they were switched with pigs at the hospital when they were born. My husband complained because I apply the same rule to him. 🙂
    Great post!

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