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Baby Names .. WTF!

 I feel that one of the best things with having kids is naming them! A name is so important. And just think the name you give them, is the name they are going to have for the rest of their lives. How exciting! But also, talk about pressure! When I was in the process of naming my kids, I was pondering over names that I loved since I was 10. Some got vetoed by my husband, and I vetoed his. He wanted to name our son Argento after the horse in Gladiator. The horse! Yeah, that was a big no. In the end, as a combined effort, we did good in naming our kids.  Savannah Renee, Sienna O’ren, and Ryan Major.

I love unique names. It shows you tried to think of something special and original. And you didn’t want the average Jessica or Joshua. But some of the baby names nowadays and names that celebrities pick (i.e. Apple?!?! Pilot Inspecktor?!?!) are just totally out there. Hats off to you, you are brave naming your kid that. Might as well stick a sign on their back now saying, “Ready for ass kicking here.”

According to, some of what they list is pretty unique. They have  jewel  inspired names like Ruby, Pearl and even Opal are so cute  and pretty. But then they travel to extreme. Cameo? Is that a jewel? Peridot?! This is one ugly jewel. And you wanna name your kid this? Sterling?!? Are you having a bird?

Then they have listed as most popular as Leaf??? Oman??? Pembroke?? Sookie?? Elio?? I shake my head. Poor future kids. At least they will be smart. What else can they be? 

And what about celebrity baby names? They are absolute the craziest. Is this their attempt to be artsy? If their child has a unsual name, do they figure he is destined for greatness? Here are a few that are … ummm well that sound like they were on an illegal substance when naming their kid(s).

Bono named his son Guggi. Poor kid. Gloria Estefan named her son Nayib. (?) One celebrity named their daughter Fifi-Trixibelle. Is she a dog or have their donned her future profession as a stripper? Randy Jackson went ahead and ruined his daughters esteem with the name Steveanna. Elle McPherson named her son Arpad Flynn. It’s good thing she can afford private school. And the one that took the cake for me because I know he was on shrooms when he named his kids (yes not one but two!) was Frank Zappa. His son’s name is Dweezil and his daughter’s name is Moon Unit. All I can say is thank god celebrities make millions. They will definitely need it for therapy.

 Pretty soon, we will be getting names out the dictionary like





Soiree (I kinda like this one)


Kids are gonna get an ass whooping anyways might as well go crazy!



Comments on: "Baby Names .. WTF!" (9)

  1. LOL thats funny and so true… ashley simpson wentz and her hubby named their son Mogly like the jungle book…I know i spelled that wrong but wow after a disney movie…in that case ill name my kid mickey or minnie or pooh or cinderella i mean all lil girls wanna be princesses right?

  2. OH MY SISTER SALLY!! HAHA my friend just had a lil girl and named her Soiree. I had a hard time pronouncing it so I kept saying “hello lil sorry” – I will not be invited to her first birthday 🙂

  3. This blog reminds me of the time you wanted to name Savannah Renee, Jaundice Berlin instead. hahahahhaa

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