In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

" I win again. Another school project! Yea!!! "

Ok so far, its been my daughter’s first year in school. She has been there a total of 32 days.  Truth is I so excited. Probably more excited than her. I go crazy over homework. I go crazy over projects. I go crazy over all the fundraisers. I go crazy when she is the leader for the day and I need to provide the snacks. She is excited because I am excited. But I get the feeling she is doing it for my sake. She just wants to run and play with all her new friends.

So I play the role and the crazy, eccentric, overly excited mother about everything! However, I think the school is taking advantage that I am newly-child-at-school-mother. They see that I am overzealous and crazed. So they have been on a mission to making me broke.

Broke. Penniless. No money in the bank. Please put it on the tab. I think this cardboard will make a lovely house.  Ok, first is all the weird and unexplainable school supplies. I understand the colors but do you honestly need 12 boxes? I get the majority of it but why wipes. These kids can’t get that dirty can they?  Were those Dry Erase markers really for you? Then it was uniforms. And god, its not a lot of choices. Its beige and black. But those are some expensive buggers. And the shirts that have to be embroidered. Ok. That was the beginning of August.

Then it is was picture day. New Dress? Yeah and shoes. Cha Ching! And have you ever seen all the selections for the type of pictures you want? What did they all even mean?

Oh Einstein help me make a choice.

And it wasn’t just a few selections. It was Choice A – Q. Price ranging from $10 to $75. Then I realized this was just a game. How  much do love your kid? $10 worth. Or $75?!?!? I picked somewhere near the middle. Cause at this time, every time she was handing me something from school, I felt my pockets getting lighter. So the love was there but with a slight annoyance. Then it was College week. In kinder??!? Is there a possibility my kid was gonna skip some grades to college? 

She needed a cap with a college on it. A shirt with college on it. Sunglasses. I don’t know why. That has nothing to do with college. Perhaps referring to the partying days of college. And a nice outfit for Dress for Success day. You mean she was getting a job? Sweet! Nope. It was just more cha ching.

Lately its been crazy projects, fundraisers of pointless items, cowboy/cowgirl day. Yes, the whole get up. That took me going to 8 stores to get her entire outfit. Cha chin cha ching. Book fair was this week. And a school pizza party today at our local pizza place.

I am excited and I want Savannah to apart of everything. I wanna be apart of it a well. Well my money does especially. And it’s weird that she doesn’t care . But she will, right? In high school. She will need the newest clothes, be in extracurricular classes, sports, cheerleading, dance, ahhhhhhhhhh.

By that time, I might be living in a cardboard box.  

And I thought Kinder was all coloring, recess, napping, and more coloring. I have been bamboozled. Fun word!


Comments on: "My Daughters School is on a Mission to Making me Broke." (9)

  1. Damn its kinder how much do they really need? seriously!!!

  2. This post made me laugh because I know exactly what you mean. I have three in school and it seems there is ALWAYS something. Projects, parties, fundraisers, donations….. its honestly never ending. It only gets worse as they get older.

    Thanks for sharing and making me smile.

    • marinasleeps said:

      Well when we all go broke, we need to stick together to keep each other warm in those cold nights.

  3. im the aunt and i also feel that savannah’s school is trying to get all MY money. $13 for a set of 4 plastic bowls?!?!

  4. I do love school, but I’m glad that I’m done with it because you really do waste so much money with it. School supplies, books, pens, #2 pencils, it just keeps adding up!

  5. I FEEL YOU! I have one in 4th, 8th and a freshman . . cash goes to supplies to clothes to sports to cheer to dance – ugh I dont feel so good anymore. Not to mentione my boys have .. no no HAVE to get a hair cut every week. E V E R Y week. eh hmm thats $10 a pop or head or whatever. Belly still hurting. Well I decided I will need to sell all my internal organs or perhaps harvest a few – their are a LOT of people I can cut 🙂

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