In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Stereotypes. Aren’t they based on reality? Why do we get so sensitive? For example, I am a mexican. Some might say she must like beans. Ok, I get it. Truth is I don’t. The majority of us beaners do. Did you swim across the river? Common joke. It’s funny! I embrace it. So I think it’s time we just accept and embrace it. It doesn’t have to be exactly who you are, but it’s a good guess.  So if you are gonna cry and moan when your turn comes up, then maybe you should move on. Are we ready? Come on, there is something for every one!

Some people know only two things about Mexicans: They dance around their hats and eat beans that jump.

It is common belief in America that other countries don’t exist.

She’s brazilian. She must have a huuuggge ass.

My sister is inviting her black boyfriend to the cookout. Honey quick, go buy some watermelon and kool-aid. I’ll prepare the chicken.

Jamacians. “Pass the dutche on the left hand side.”  The music speaks for it self.

I am a gorgeous woman so there is no way in hell I can be a virgin.

Can you guess which picture is from hillbilly country?

All Colombians are drug dealers.

White people have no rhythm. Unless they have been drinking.

Native Americans gamble. A lot.

Britians are rude and snobby and lack a dental plan.

African-Americans are good at everything.

Always have an Asian person as a friend because all Asians know kung fu.

The Swiss love clocks.

Canadians are boring.

The Chinese eat anything that moves.

Italian people often say: “mamma mia!” “va fan culo!” and “thatsa spicy meataball!

Hey America! Whats with all the fast food?

Australians are the greenish people on earth. They ride kangaroos!

New Jersey. The state that does not speak American.

Russia is the best place to buy a wife.

Seriously, one day I’ve decided not to fight any of possible stereotypes of me and just go along with it, use it in my advantage. That is working great. This is meant to be funny. A look at how we see others or how they see ourselves. In reality, humans are too complicated, interesting, and exciting to fit into one square box. Well that, and cause I honestly could have kept going with this.


Comments on: "Stereotypical Ways to Be Stereotypical" (3)

  1. It’s just too easy to go with a stereotype than see outside of it, that’s just the thing.

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