In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

This is seriously me at the moment. No, I am not exagerating.  That is me … no not at the desk. I don’t know who that lady is at the desk. I am in the back swimming in the large amounts of  paperwork.  I don’t know how I have gotten so behind. I plan to catch up this week. This lady is someone obviously trying to steal my fame and bounce into a pic. Obviously, she has nothing to do.

The point is I miss you. And whether or not you miss me, I will blog. Tomorrow. Not today. So expect something tomorrow. Just not today, cause again I am swapped. Please see pic to your left. Or maybe you’re right if you live in the European area. You know the whole metric system thing and driving on the wrong lane thing. It’s all crazy and backwards over there. Sheesh, those Europeans. But they did create pizza and war. So we will give them that.

So until tomorrow. Ta Ta


Comments on: "Tomorrow, not today. Obviously." (3)

  1. I was lured here under the impression that you had posted a blog. This was an I.O.U. blog. You bitch. I shall return at a more opportune time (i.e. tomorrow).

  2. I can’t imagine being pulled under that much paperwork! Good luck crawling out of it and don’t let it suffocate you either, I’d be going crazy. I have to have things a certain way at work and even get a little nutty if people have too many cups/glasses up at the front desk, I have to clean it, even if it’s their drinks.

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