In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I had a crazy night last night. In case you are unaware, I have three kids . This story is about two of them. My two daughters, age 5 and 3 years old. As we were relaxing last night,  the movie Look Who’s Talking came on. If you unfamiliar with the movie, it’s a late 80’s flick about a single mom that got knocked up and was looking for love. In the meantime, she befriended a guy who falls for her and her son. And the comedy is that the baby boy talks and the audience hears his thoughts but of course not the characters in the story. So of course, my girls Savannah and Sienna was intrigued.

However, what freaked them out so much was the beginning portion. In the beginning, you see the sperm in the female character’s body swimming through and searching for the egg. They are talking and acting as if they are driving on like an imaginary highway.

 One sperm breaks through and starts eating through. The girls want to know what is happening because I mistakenly explain that this is happening in the mommy’s body. They freak out and think the sperm are bugs or worms. So I start explaining that that’s called sperm and it is looking for the egg. Once it meets the egg, it turns into a baby. Once I say this, my oldest daughter starts crying, holding her tummy, saying how she doesn’t want eggs in her body or sperm.  And she is inconsolable. I try to  tell her that only big girls like mommies have eggs. Then they see the part when she is labor and is yelling and pushing the baby out. They both look at me and say they never want to have a baby. They looked scared! Hmm, maybe movie night was not the best idea. I had to tell them it was all fake like Dora (Sienna who’s 3, “And monsters?” ) and yes fake like Monsters. It was pretty hilarious. And even though I think these are girls are pretty smart, they are not quite ready for the birds and the bees talk.

Then later on that night, I had the most freaky dream. First I was with my brother-in-law fiance’s family. For the record, this family has problems. There is always drama. There are problems that belong on Springer! Well in my dream, I was trying to reach out and talk to a girl who got pregnant at 15 and again a month ago and had an abortion to end it. I was trying to tell her that she needs to love herself. She has been kicked out of both parents house. She is basically jumping from home to home of people who are willing to take her and her baby for a couple of days.  So I am giving her advice that of course she wants love. She wants a boy to love her, her friends, her parents, but how can she love them if she doesn’t even love her self. I was even amazed my self at my strong delivery to this girl.

Then for some reason some major date was coming. The next day was going to be the 4th and for some reason everyone knew that that day people who were not picked by God were just going to turn into ash. So we are all at the table, and here I am trying to write wills in case I turn into ash on where my babies are going to go.  I am so scared. I remember that I was shaking. I was scared that I would not be picked by God. I remember being in this mobile home with all of this family and my brother-in-law. I was looking for Gus. He was outside. Waiting. It was so eerie and the sky was gray. I remember the rickety table I was at was round and brown. I sat there with my kids who were playing and had no idea what was going on. And then it happened. It was loud, a boom. Like a rush of fast tornado, and then I realized some of the people who were around me had fallen to the ground in ash. Gus’s brother was still alive. I was alive! My kids were still there though quiet trying to figure out what happened. I ran outside crying looking for Gus. All I saw was ash everywhere like it had snowed. There was an eerie silence except for babies crying and people shouting in the far distant.  I am crying for Gus at this point. And then I see him. He is walking towards me. Quiet and somber. I hug him. Then I wake up.

Maybe this means I need to start listening to God. Maybe this is a warning that I need to better my life. I will be honest, my dream shook me up. And I started to wonder if I would survive really. Would my kids and Gus?

Then I shrugged it off. It’s the last time I eat hot peppers and chicken before I go to bed again.


Comments on: "Having Babies and Impending Doom" (9)

  1. It made for a really good post. I say eat more hot peppers and chicken before bed.

    • marinasleeps said:

      You’re right! Who knows what I’ll dream next … maybe a real life alien abduction and probe!

  2. I was wondering why Si Si came up to me and said, “Babies come from and egg when i worm crawls into the egg!” I shrugged it off.
    The answer to your question is, “No. We will all die.”

  3. I never got the whole birds and the bees talk from parents, I learned it the way most kids probably learn it nowadays… I googled it and many other sex questions I’ve had. I’d be pretty freaked out too if I was a kid and saw that, I don’t blame them.

    • marinasleeps said:

      Now my 3 year old daughter goes up to people and says babies come from a worm eating an egg.

  4. I remember watching this with my Aunt when I was 9. I laughed at it and she asked me if I knew what it was and I said yes. Though I had no clue, at 9 I just thought it was hilarious for no reason. I knew about sex but the details about sperm must have alluded me during the conversation with my mom. Or I totally blocked it out which is the more probable option.

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