In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.


You are a liar! It’s true you are! Before we get our panties in a bunch, I am a liar too. Everyone is.

Example: Your friend asks you : Do you like my new hair cut?

It’s hideous! Her barber should be shot and then hanged. He assaulted her hair! Her hair was raped and ravished!

Yes! , you exclaim. It brings out your eyes. Your friend goes away very happy. You might call these white lies because they are little lies to avoid hurting people’s feelings. But if you white lie, it is still just a lie.

Honesty is everyone’s interpretation now a days. It’s bending, its omiting words, or completely leaving out something all together. It’s a bold face lie.

After much thought, I think we should start telling the truth. What if we hurt someone’s feelings? That will be the case, but after awhile, people will stop hiding behind the lies that they want to hear and just ACCEPT IT! Everyone now join hands and embrace the truth. Do you feel it? Yes, it’s very warm and fuzzy like a teddy bear.

Scenario One happened to my yesterday. And of course I lied. But next time, I am going to be honest.

Mother: Your father and I are going on a diet tomorrow. We need to cut sugar from our diet. Do you think I am fat?

What I should have said: I don’t think, I know. Hence the reason you’re going on a diet.

There my mother confirmed the obvious already. I basically just pointed it out that she knew the answer to her own question. She knows the truth. Don’t make me the bad guy. You must be fat to be going on a diet! Trick question!

Scenario Two happens to me all the time. I hate the question How are you? Cause I always answer the same: Fine. Great. Wonderful. The honest retort to that if you are me is: “Do you really wanna know? Ok then, I am shitty. I didn’t sleep at all cause all my kids decided to sleep on my side of the bed. Not Gus’s but mine! So I slept on my right shoulder the whole night. I am in pain! Woke up late because of that, so I really didn’t get to my hair this morning. Hence the frizzy fro you see. I have pimples on my chin like I am in the 8th grade. I just realized that the pants I put on today were dirty and have stains. I only have one earing on. My contact is killing my right eye so if I wink at you I am not trying to get lucky. I started my monthly curse so I am tired and pissy and very hungry. When I got in the office I need to create files for the boss stat and he was impatiently asking every three minutes where they are. I spilled this jelly donut on my shirt. And someone took the last cup of coffee. Wanna ask me another dumb question?”

Not only when they salute your honesty but they might never ask you again how you are! Double win!

Scenario Two needs to be done with tact. Honesty is a virtue. Remember that.

Boss: Marina, I need that summary of the report for the month. Where is it? When will you have it?

Marina: I am working on it now. I will get it to you as soon as I am done.

Boss: Ok well I need it like now! Not yesterday or tomorrow but now.

Marina: Ok, sir. If I may, it’s impossible to give it to you yesterday. I just now found out about this report. And its impossible to give it to you tomorrow because well I work here and not in a time machine factory. Today is today. And if you want it done correctly and instantly, I say you leave me alone for thirty minutes to let me get it done. If you want something crappy, give me a second and I will pull something outta my ass for you. With all due respect sir. <—– See how I added that last bit? Tact!

As long as we are honest, we can’t go wrong. And just with anything, change takes time. But if we are persistent, honesty will be the only thing that comes out of our mouths!  I can’t wait!


Comments on: "TO BE honest OR NOT TO BE" (10)

  1. I can’t agree more. I have a friend who had this crappy bf and we were all like”Oh he’s great” when we actually hate his guts. We just did it so her feelings won’t get hurt and now she’s getting married to him. I want someone to shoot me.

    • marinasleeps said:

      Yeah for that you would probably need a siren! Loser alert!!! Well hopefully, she will get married and forget all about you guys. And then you won’t have to be around him. But if she divorces him, you guys would be like eee we wanted to tell you so but we didn’t. Sorry!

  2. I totally appreciate you sarcasm on the whole boss thing……Boss: How are they treating you? (refering to his wife) Me: Well to be honest, SIR, your wife is a little anal retentive and blows up in our faces when the orange envelope label is the wrong way. She bitches if the mailing labels are crooked or too high or too much to the left, she bitches about the plug in and how it gives her headaches bu tother than all that sir, She is wonderful!!!!! Oh and not to mention when she talks to you her eyes roam all over our bodies making us feel very self consious. But like I said before, WONDERFUL!!!

  3. Alright, I must admit I lie very, very seldom. I’m a little too honest, and my b/f is even more honest than me. Sometimes I tell him to think before he talks because some stuff you shouldn’t say, even if it is honest.

    Recently a manager of mine asked me if I was getting married. (Why would you ask me that? I don’t know). Without thinking the honest truth blurted out of my mouth before I could stop it:

    “Marriage is f’cked up.” Seriously, I said that, to my manager, who huffed afterwards and couldn’t believe it but she shouldn’t be too surprised. There are countless other things that people ask me and I totally don’t think to lie. I absolutely hate that, “how are you?” question, people ask me that and sometimes I think do you really want to know the honest truth? Cause I don’t think you’re ready for it!

  4. I absolutely ADORE sarcasm…of course my kids are none to thrilled with it, but I figure it toughens them up for this world we live in

    • marinasleeps said:

      true that … can’t have sensitive whinning kids …
      i have sarcasm lessons with my kids two a day.

  5. This is an excellent post and may be one that needs to be followed up to see what goes on

    A mate mailed this link the other day and I will be excitedly awaiting your next write-up. Proceed on the first-rate work.

  6. vGPThM hey, just wanted to comment 🙂

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