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At a loss on how to help

Before yesterday, I honestly thought I was an animal lover. I would cry when ever animal cruelty videos were shown on tv. I have adopted pets from the humane society. I always cut the plastic weird thing that holds a 6 pack of soda or whatever in case the trash was ever thrown in a river. I recycle to be earth friendly. I felt for little ole me, I am doing my part.

Before yesterday too, I would have to say that my favorite Asian country was Japan. Despite the fact that they are killing off my favorite animal (BLUE WHALES!!), I didn’t blame the country. I thought their language was neat and their culture was so awesome.

So today, I HATE JAPAN! Not only are they after an endangered species, they are killing dolphins. Killing and selling their meat as food. Dolphins! It’s like eating a dog! But it goes even further. They literally killing herds of dolphins and their young from September to March every year every day.

Watch this video. This was a documentary started by Ric O’Barry the trainer for the dolphins in the old show Flipper. He raised and nurtured the dolphins and eventually grew close to them. He then came to realize that they don’t belong in captivity. So he went around the world freeing captive dolphins. Then he discovered in Taijiii, Japan that they were mass murdering the dolphins. It was horrific.

This is what the sea looks like after herds have been killed.

First, the fishermen had no shame. They would not allow you anywhere near the cove where the dolphins are executed. They are mean and obnoxious and they seem to guard the lagoon 24/7. Then you realize that the government is involved in it as well. What I don’t get is if dolphin meat is not something Japanese people like to eat, why are they selling it? In some stores, they disguise the dolphin meat as whale meat.

If you could care less about dolphins, what about the effect eating dolphins has on people? Dolphins have  high mercury levels. It’s toxic. It causes deformity in babies, where they are born deaf, deformed, blind, dumb, and lame. The government is well aware of this. Yet, it’s still perfectly fine to kill and sale the animal as food! In addition, the majority of Japanese aren’t even aware that dolphins are being killed brutally.  The documentary is now showing on Animal Planet every Friday.

I hope people watch. I hope awareness is brought to this act of cruelty. It’s so inhumane. And yet the Japanese government is allowing this and also helping in covering it up. People need to know what is going on over there. People need to act .

It’s just one big massive cover up that people are either ignorant of or involved in. The hole gets deeper because you learn they are trying to legalize the killing of whales as well. They blame dolphins and whales as the reason fishing is so low. Fishing is not low! They just want to be able to kill a whale legally. Right now, you can only kill whales for research. So what are the whaler fishermen doing?  Slapping on big research stickers on their boats! That way if it anyone says anything, well, it’s for research!

It’s infuriating too because I am watching this documentary. I am crying my eyes out and I am thinking what can this mother of three, wife, full time worker do? At the end it said to send a text to help with this cause. I sent like 30. I want to do more. I just have no idea what to do.

I just thought well maybe today I will blog about it. Maybe someone who hasn’t heard about it will listen. It starts with passion from the people right?


Comments on: "At a loss on how to help" (4)

  1. Wow dude this was shocking I had no idea what was going on with the dolphins. Ugh pictures are horrible. Wow this is horrible! I wish we could make a differance. =-( I htink I’m the one at a loss for words now

    • marinasleeps said:

      Dude watch the movie documentary called The Cove … it really shocks but educates you. The show starts soon on Animal Planet. I feel I am PR for the dolphins. Save the Dolphins

  2. This is just brutal and disgusting, I’m so lost for words, and you do feel pretty hopeless about what to do to fix the problem too.

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