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I live in El Paso TX

Just to let you know. I live in a border town. I am a hispanic chick that doesn’t speak a word of Spanish. Not even to save my life. I can probably just ask where the bathroom is. I could be dying in a mexican city and I will just be asking, “Donde el bano” over and over. My kids are teaching me though. They are teaching me Spanish and Chinese thanks to Dora the Explorer and Ni Hao Ki lan. Thank God for tv, am I right? 

Anyways where was I? Oh, yea border town. So I live in a border town. And the strangest thing in the world is this city, El Paso Tx, was selected as the second safest city in the nation.  That’s right the safest. And I totally believe it. We don’t have psycho random serial killings. We don’t have random murders. We don’t have tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes. We are safe. I think the reason we are so safe is because there is absolutely nothing to do. I mean don’t get me wrong we have great places to eat and there are clubs and bars. But we are nothing like a Houston or San Antonio.  And even with the huge growth we are experiencing right now, we still manage to have a small town feel even though El Paso is getting huge.

My point is I love my city. It’s medium pace. It meets my family needs. It gives you a bit of city life and country life. So it bothers me, that just because our sister town is suffering (Juarez Mexico), people conclude right away that we are too. We are still the safest city despite the civil war across the border. And it bothers me so much when people make reference that El Paso is unsafe.  We  might have ties to Mexico through culture and heritage, but we are still part of the United States. We still know how to act like American people. That includes running a city with law and order. We have  great sheriffs and policemen and women, an awesome border patrol and troopers. In fact, truth be told, they are dicks. But  would you rather have soft police or police that don’t take crap and treat you like a criminal for speeding? Yeah, cause I know I will never speed again once I get that ass chewing.  

I watch the news. I feel for the people of Juarez, Mexico. It must be scary going about their everyday lives because it is just a war out in the street and there probably feels like there is no end in sight. It also angers me that the president wants to blame the USA, saying we have the drug problem. We need to stop buying drugs from them.  Truth of the matter is, the USA has a strong policy against drugs. If we even have an ounce of an illegal substance. We are getting arrested and prosecuted.  America takes care of its own. It handles it own problems. Cause our problems are just that, ours. Mexico needs to take of its own problems. Or address the problem and ask for help. This is not the time to be prideful. You have innocent civilians that are dying just because they happened to be grocery shopping or driving through town. No one goes over there anymore. It’s not how it used to be. Its dangerous. And now Juarez is called the most dangerous city in the world. It’s just too sad.  I don’t know what can be done to stop the massacre that happens on a daily basis. It could possibly mean of tearing down the entire system of things and start from scratch.

I don’t know, but right here across the river, we are safe. And we are maintaining the order despite it all. So don’t raise conclusions. We are still are apart of everyone in the nation. Remember that.


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  1. I totally agree, however I still think our mayor, John Cook, is stupid and ignorant. Even though we are safe its not to make light of things over there and he does but I do agree with you that we are American and that our problems are our problems and Mexico’s problems are Mexicos. Drugs will be sold no matter where or who has it. They will find a way to get dealt and done. I love El Chuco and nothing can change that.

  2. we are mexico’s attic/ texas’ asshole. thats the way i see it. while this is a decent place to live and its mainly drama free, there’s no growth here. everyone is just stuck in the old traditional mentality. there is no other place in texas like this place, and Ive been all over texas. Once you break the mentality, yes, you get more violence and whatnot, but you also get an explosion of ideas and innovation that this place has never seen. El Paso is always home but at what cost?

    • marinasleeps said:

      I have head comments like this before. My answer is if your unhappy leave! El Paso is a great city!

      • You’ve heard these comments cuz Ive been saying them since forever. But dont worry, Im almost outta here.

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