In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.


I recently ran into this quote: A child can always teach an adult these things: to be happy for no reason; to always be busy with something; to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.  

Interesting …. these are actually great suggestions. I mean imagine what would people think if I was smiling all the time. 

No, I don't know this kid.

I imagine they would happily smile back … at first. After a while, it would be just plain annoying! “Look at her! Always smiling. Who does she think she is fooling? She just lost her house,  saw her car broken down on the side of the road, and her husband is sleeping with me. What a dumb chick!” Or they might think I was high … all the time. And that would probably be quite nice. Maybe. No, that would be nice.  I am also pretty sure that if I was smiling all the time, I would probably get slapped in the face a lot. Or worse, it could permanently get stuck that way.  And that would not be funny. It would be like scary. Yes, something from a Stephen King novel. The Dude that Never Stopped Smiling.  Yikes! 

In the old days, they put people to death for lesser things!

I mean he made other cheesy books like Christine. Ugh, give me a break! This one would do well as sitcom!  I would probably watch it and then stop towards mid-season. Smiling just gets old after a while and just plain creepy. 

Another thing we could  learn from kids is the whole demanding thing. I mean, have you ever seen a child throw a fit in a store cause they want a toy or candy. I have so been there and done that people. And nooo, it’s not at all glamorous as it appears.  It’s actually down right embarrassing. And to avoid the scene and the stares and head shaking, I am like Yes Yes get the damn candy/toy! Just shut up!  Just please stop yelling. Please get off the floor! But you gotta admire the determination and the unwillingness to stop until they get what they want. It’s admiring if you didn’t wanna smother the kid first. Now, if we all had this determination, the world would be one terrifying place. Adults everywhere would be throwing tantrums and screaming and crying. Imagine the malls, the jewelry places, car lots?!  So in retrospect, the quote meant well, but get real people, that’s why we’re adults and kids are kids. Right? Someone has to establish order. Now I am going to DVR the Bad Girls Club. This week Kristen throws a drunken hissy fit!


Comments on: "Kids can teach us a thing or two?" (4)

  1. It was very rare for me to have fits in a store to get something, I learned quickly my Mom would not put up with that crap. She’d take my hand, hold it real tight, and dig her nails in, so I’d shut up real quick.

    And, I’m terrible, I watched Bad Girls Club with my Mom. She called me from where I was in my bedroom to come out and watch it with her, and I caved. Those girls are so crazy! It’s just impossible to look away, especially when they start screaming and throwing stuff.

  2. thats right. children teach us to be a bratty and whining people. im glad its not just me who thinks this.

  3. I highly enjoy this. I am afraid that I confess to being far too childish at times, but perhaps they have the lesser sins than adults do. 😉

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