In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I am doing what?!?!?

All I can say about this crazy day is: WTF man! Never in my life have I been so important to a place that they unveil on me soooooo much work! I am so important that I am even taking a field trip to the project site tomorrow to do other people’s work. What award did I win? I have no idea.  What sucks is I will be doing a technician’s job in office clothing. Another WTF!

Somewhere in my subconsciousness I must have asked or even wished for this type of head nod. There I would be, in front of my supervisors and the question is asked,”Who’ll will go? Who will do the final touch on this job? This has never been asked from the admin before, so who?” And as if by a dream, they all look at me and smile and nod. “Me?” I ask. They nod. Yes you, as if to say. However, the smile is more like a smirk. You want it Marina! You got it! Soooo, lets just say I am a little wary.

Here at my job, there is no outlandish wave of approval or good job. It’s just, “Do it!” Like if I worked at Nike. Though, I bet there they would give a pat on the back for people coming up with brand new shoe designs. “Good job, Skip. I love the orange and yellow colors you are using. Wow! Everyone likes shocks on their pumps!”  I am actually scared for tomorrow. It’s a new field … literally. Not my nice and cozy desk with my coffee and my good old freshly pressed blogs that I have still failed to be apart of. I will be totally out my league. And should I dare say it? I will be entering the man’s world. Cause isn’t a woman’s place behind a type of furniture or appliance ie a desk, the couch vacuuming, behind the kitchen counter cleaning grape soda off the counters, behind a stove etc etc etc. I mean, come on gentlemen, you tell me where you want me today. And then for guys, and its so unfair, they get to be out the open. Little explorers.  We will go here today and here. They are like free birds (By the way, great song) and they are never stationary unless they choose to be. Who said standing next to a stove is cool? No one, but a grill. Awesome! Give that guy a beer and a commercial. Make sure he makes millions. Totally!

I met Gus (my sweetie) working at a job doing some hard labor. Once we married, he let me know right away that as much as loved me being a rough neck and a bad ass, I would no longer be doing these laborious jobs. I would stick to fine womanly things like filing, answering phones calls, stocking, retail. Fine by me. Cause it sucks being around men all the time. Trust me, it is not that cool. Their drivel usually ends up about who can beat up who, who is stronger, endless crap like that.  So when I tell him that I was on warehouse duty today, he gets so mad. Cause I am his little princess. Why am I getting dirty? But hey who can argue with the boss? And he knows my boss very well. It’s his boss too. So we know we can’t argue when today, I gotta do some “dirty” work. It’s be all you can be, but we aren’t paying you for it. What a great motto that I just made up!

So I’ll be out there in my nice slack capri pants jumping over dirt and screaming if I inhale dust. Now I gotta find nice stylish but comfortable shoes that won’t kill me. Maybe shoes that will  just make my little feet very sore. Because what do we woman believe: Beauty over Pain. Damn another great motto. I am on a roll!


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  1. Aww the work life of a man and woman….I love my air conditioned office with my comfy chair lol. Let the men sweat. JK Have fun girl be the best you can be show those men a wonman can do a mans job…BETTER!!!

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