In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Stupid Monday

Yes. It is a stupid Monday.  I guess you can say I am in a bad mood. But now that I am at work, I am trying not to be in a bad mood.  It’s not these peoples’ fault I am so dead tired. Plus I can’t stand people who are in bad moods at work, so I am desperately trying to not be one those people. Why am I in bad mood you ask? Well I am tired. I didn’t sleep good last night. Went to a bed with a headache, plus Gus wasn’t feeling good and well I had to keep massaging his head (where are my massages?!?!?) and God he can be such a baby. I kept waking up cause his son was still up watching tv and the light from his room was bothering me.  Then, when I did wake up, Gus told me he was taking the day off so that annoyed me.  Why couldn’t I be sick? Why I ask! Then after I did my hair, I was looking in the mirror in the car and my hair looked like crap.

Holy Similar Batman!

 Talk about a bad hair day! I mean a bad hair day, come on! Are you serious?! You might as well be bald! You don’t mess with a lady’s hair. It’s crucial. It’s basically a life and death situation. And I choose death!  

A funny thing happened on my way home last week. I saw homeless man doing his thing with give-me-money sign. No biggie. But I went crazy over his bottle water. The guy was drinking Smart Water. Yes! The expensive water that Jennifer Aniston endorses! That bottle of water alone cost like $5. Why is he drinking so expensively? Does he have savings, stocks, what?! I get the 24 pack Wal-mart brand water bottles for like $3. Thats how cheap I am. Can you imagine? It kinda makes me wanna quit my job and park my arse next to his! Smart Water! HA!

We then took my Baby Tank Ryan to get his very first hair cut. His hair was growing all crazy on the sides. Talk about unruly! And might I say, for his very first haircut, he did awesome. Even the hair stylist was impressed with Ryan. He didn’t move but you could tell he was not happy with it. We got him a fullhawk. And in case you don’t know what that is cause I didn’t know, its a mohawk but with more hair. Its a mohawk of your entire head. It looked so good on him.

And then, we had Savannah’s birthday party. Small but intimate, she had a lot of fun. She did several costume changes like she was the host at the Emmy’s. But *sniff sniff* my baby is 5.  Five years go by fast. Here are some pics and now you will see why I am no tired!

Cue the water works. Daddy giving some birthday kisses to Savannah.


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  1. Aww I totally feel you on the bad Monday. UGH I COULD SCREAM MY FREAKIN HEAD OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh!!! I totally wish I smoked at this point cuz damn I could use a joint LOL The computer got a bug. it wasn’t an easy bug that just gets cleaned out by a tech no it was one that erases all your programs and softwares so i couldn’t do my job at all i was basically siting on my ass all day trying to do damage control to all the files that needed to get electronically filed…TODAY! and then the “office manager” is all pissy cuz I have to use her computer and she’s rushing me acting like i wanted all this to happen. Ugh I hate Mondays!! Anyway, damn Savanah is getting so big so quick…they all are. Ryan is so big to. Aww I want to see you all. It’s been to long. Way too long.

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