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My Daily Curse

I have this one curse… that someone evil (like my mother…kidding!) put on me.  I am cursed with an awesome, one of a kind, memory. I remember the most mundane, pointless things. I can name every teacher I had in elementary, middle, and high school. Yikes. I remember little memories of being a small kid. I can remember kids in my elementary class. All of them. Boys I had crushes on in kinder. I can be grocery shopping or doing anything out and about and I will see someone and I will remember their face from some where in my past. It’s a curse to remember people who you may have met once or knew in kindergarten together. It either goes two ways:

I see a person that I recognize from somewhere. My brilliant brain stops working, the wheels are not in motion, and I know them from somewhere and I can’t place how. It will basically ruin my day. And then at night, when I am fast asleep,tucked in under Sandman’s spell, I then BOLT up and remember, “Oh that was that annoying lady from the time I worked at Eye World. Why would I remember her?”

Or, I can remember them and for some reason in my twisted world I think they gotta remember me. I mean, come on, I have  been impressionable since I was 3. Not 2 or 1, but at the age 3, I learned to smile and twirl. I was ever so cute.  So I approach them, ” Hi, Dragster? Remember me, Marina?”

Him: Um no.

Me:We went to school together.

Him: Oh. High School?

Me: No no. We were in kinder together. I remember you cause I used to have this mad crush on you and …

… and this is where he slowly backs away and runs. Cause what freak remembers Kinder? Right? Wrong! Kinder was awesome with the kitchen, and finger painting. Your crazy NOT to remember it! 

But I have learned not to approach people. It’s hard to expect them to have a brain like mine. My memory skills are the shiznit! My memory, truth be told, even embarrasses me.  My memory  has not helped my coolness.  In middle school, my coolness was hanging by a thread. And when a new kid started attending there, I knew him from a time before. 

My family used to live in these apartments when I was like 8. Our neighbor was this cute boy who even than I knew  was very cool. His name was Eric (God I am so cursed!) and he used to like me. And alas I liked him. So I figured since we shared this memory (for godsakes, we used to neighbors and he liked me!) I knew he had to know me.  So I went up to him. He had changed a lot. He was very tall, even better looking then before, and girls were hovering around him.

I reminded him about living next to him. And he gave me this “look” but I guess he could see how pathetic I stayed. He was nice and he said he remembered me. But after that, he never talked to me again.  What made me think memories at 8 years old would be gold? I don’t know either. 

My memory=My life long tribulation!

And the whole reason I am talking about my painful curse that basically labels me as a freak is because of the date. August 12. It’s the birthday of a girl who had been my best friend since I was 4 years old.  And we did all these crazy rebellious things together as we grew up. Lili was her name. And then right before I got married (around this time we weren’t so close) she moved to Austin. And now that I want too so bad, there is no way I can track her down. I wish I didn’t remember her birthday and miss her like I do. She was like a sister to me.  I just wish I didn’t remember cause I know she is not remembering me.

So alas, you have seen a glimpse of how I am borderline a X-Men. I wonder if Professor Xavier would take me into his school of “Exceptional Children.”  I need to be cool somewhere!


Comments on: "My Daily Curse" (14)

  1. Wow! thats all I can say, read all that and now I’m so happy to find out there is one more person who has the same thing with her memory as I do. 🙂

  2. i feel like chicken tonight

  3. Im the same way. I remember the apartment. Right there off Pullman I think. There is always cops there. I remember you came out reciting the book of bible stories once. I also remember the cat you had. That cat was the reason I found out I was alergic to cats. Do you remember the time we went to Freeway Lanes and Laura’s boyfriend was with us and we tried using a can at some house next to freeway lanes. That was fun. Damn we had some good times. Sigh…..the old days! Or the one time I spent the night with you guys and you came home drunk you jumped on me to reach the trash can. LOl!!! We should seriuols get together and just remember everything we did. We have some good stories. LOL

    • marinasleeps said:

      No it was more like near george dieter … and sams club. I remember …. especially when I jumped over you to throw up in the trash can. Those were some good memories. Sighhhhhhh

  4. ya down the street from big 8. its off george dieter. i used to pass it every day on my way to work. LOL or the time we went ot lauras boyfrineds house and his house was exactly like my moms and he took off the towel when he got out of the shower lol or when you and ira went to pick me up and he had to park in the driveway to the school so that my dad wouldn’t see him damn we were really sneaky….it only got worse later

  5. Have you tried to track her down on whitepages and facebook? I’ve found friends from when I was five that way… actually, the girl who babysat me in 1st grade (who I hadn’t seen since then) found me. I guess I made a pretty big impression lol.

  6. You are not alone, I have a unique memory where I remember every word in a conversation, every face I’ve ever met (but never the NAME of the person, just the face, and where I saw them, and what we talked about) so I make sure to run away from my good memory.

    People try to say hi to me and I’ll hide from them. It’s just embarrassing when I know them, but I don’t remember the name, because my memory is like an elephant but names are not my thing. But, whenever I remember someone’s name I NEVER forget it.

    I also remember when I got bit by a fire ant when I was 2-3 years old and playing with my brother and making minnow farms when I was 4-5, so I remember way too many mundane things.

    • marinasleeps said:

      I know but I never can remember where I left my keys, or if I remembered to make sure the refrigerator door was closed. True Story.

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