In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

There is nothing WRONG with going a little “postal”. Nothing at all. I mean, have you had an off day? A day where you are not even sure why you got up? And nevermind why, even how you managed to get up? Then starting from the morning you open your eyes, the day is all shot to hell.  You get fired? Your dog runs away/gets run over/gets rabies? Whatever sets that little time bomb in your head off, you deserve to get mad. It’s only natural. You deserve to steam, pout, and stomp your feet. Hell, kick over a table or something.

The reason I am writing this cause I heard about that guy (they are calling the JetBlue Flight Attendant) basically go berserk on an airplane. Apparently, he was telling a passenger to not do something on the plane because they were in the process of landing. I think the passenger was trying to get his luggage. The Flight Guy was telling him to stop, the passenger wouldn’t listen, they started arguing, and I think one of the baggages of the passenger hit the FA (Flight Attendant). The FA got mad (naturally) and told the passenger to apologize. He refused.  The FA then grabbed the plane’s PA system and shouted: “To the [expletive] who just told me to [expletive] off, its been a good 28 years!” He then activated the inflatable evacuation slide, authorities said, swiped a beer from the plane’s alcohol cart and scurried off through the airfield to the employee parking lot, where he found his car and drove back to his Queens, New York home.

What the hell is wrong with that? Granted maybe he should have not opened the evacuation slide. Someone could have gotten hurt.  But for Christ’s sake, the dude grabbed a beer!  A beer people! He had reached his taking shit point. Don’t we all??  Clearly, he was trying to do his job. And what the unruly bastard who wouldn’t listen to him in the first place? Does his ass get thrown in jail too? I would hope so! Shouldn’t we be able to scream and shout and yell to the top of all lungs? All he wanted to do was be heard. No one was listening to him especially the bad passenger who was supposed to be.    In hindsight, he should have never opened that inflatable slide thing .  But then his point maybe wouldn’t have gotten across. I mean talk about an exit. Saying peace, grabbing a few beers, and sliding out! And what I can’t get is the fact that they want to give him a 7 year sentence. I mean it’s kinda like saying I should have not eaten that last cupcake, or man, I shouldn’t have drunk that many beers, or maybe I should not have put so much makeup. Come on people shit happens.

Had he waved a gun, or blew up the plane, or went on some mad shooting spree, I would have gladly shouted throw him on the fryer! But he didn’t! He simply had enough.  And though his decision was rash and crazy, he really chose to endanger himself.  Like when your driving in a car and without looking back at your blind spot to make sure there are no cars, you just change lanes. And that would have been hilarious too!  Hmmm, maybe not.

My point is we just can’t get angry anymore or feel sad cause the lunatics of the world have ruined it all with their bombing and gun spree. We gotta stay all tight-lipped for fear of being labeled as crazy. And then kids will run up to you and throw rocks at you. And toilet paper your  house on Halloween. Can’t we proclaim that we refuse the BS?!?

As far as the flight attendant, fire him! Fine him! Hell, give him six months in county jail. But seven years? Do you know the real “punishment” he will get in maximum pen? Hell I do. I watch movies. (See: Shawshank Redemption or American Me) I understand we need to teach the fanatics a lesson. So teach them. But the rest of normal people who just get tired of being overlooked or disrespected, give us a freaking break.

Now, if you excuse me, I am gonna toilet paper my boss’s office.


Comments on: "There’s Nothing Wrong with Going Postal" (8)

  1. Bleep Bleep said:

    Marina, you wrote an exceptional blog! lol. Where do you get the time?

    Anyway, that was frikin hilarious. Dude I wish I could just knock out some people from behind and when they wake up Ill be like geez you like just blacked out. You OK? U should take the day off.

    • marinasleeps said:

      Ha its called 1 hr lunch time. Thanks.I think that was best one yet. I have more. And I try to write everyday.
      Seriously… I wanna scream at the top of my lungs I dont. Maybe thats why I have an ulcer.

  2. Damn it is bad ass. I almost reached that point yesterday.. eerything in the office was messing up…the computers, postage machine, fax machine and copier i was like WTF I’m done!!!! Then some snooty girl who i will remain nameless wouldn’t stop bugging me…ugh women!!! I hater working with em

  3. I hear that when the police showed up to his house he was being intimate w his boyfriend. talk about going out w a bang.

  4. good for him? i thought you didn’t want him to do time?

    • marinasleeps said:

      No cause my sister said they found him with his boyfriend getting intimate. And I said good for him. He need to do that. He might get 7 years in jail.

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