In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Savannah’s first day of school totally sucked … well, for me, that is.

Truth is when I left her in her class she started crying but after a while (her teacher assured me) she got better and was a great helper. She even got a gold ticket. Not for the chocolate factory or anything but for being a good kid. Granted, a trip to the chocolate factory would have been killer cause she definitely would have picked me to go with her. And we def would have drunk that soda that makes you fly in the air. Totally.

So while she was at school, I was pacing at home. I cleaned house and that took only fifteen minutes. And so I took the kids a bath and that took like 20 minutes. Time was my enemy. I seriously wanted to cry. Even Sienna was missing her sister. She kept asking when we would go get her. Ryan didn’t care. Kids come and go in this house so much that he probably doesn’t know whats what. Only where his bottle is and if Barney is on.  So yesterday was tragic. And it’s so weird the difference one kid will make in a house. It’s like eerie quiet. Barney sounds like it’s on slow motion and droned out. With Savannah gone, we are living in the Twilight zone. So now we are just the three amigos (I’m the Chevy Chase character cause he is damn smooth and suave with the ladies, Sienna is Steve Martin cause she is crazy, and Ryan is def Martin Short cause, well, he is short).

And when it was finally time to pick up Savannah, I was busting with questions. It was clear Savannah was very tired cause she did not want to talk about it. I was like, ” Uh uh, no way. I waited all day at home for you. I want a detailed speech about what went down.”

All she said was, “We lined up a lot.”

And that’s all I got.

So that was Savannah’s first day. She lined up a lot.


Comments on: "An Update on the Past Day and a Half" (2)

  1. soshell00 said:

    i hope she has fun!

  2. Aww Barney. All that waiting all for we lined up a lot……I hope she loved school and I hope you get used to her being at school LOL

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