In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

First things first because with any good story you get the mundane shit out-of-the-way and save the awesome stuff last! You know, to keep your audience angry and annoyed that this story is going nowhere and right before they are about to turn the page off and kick their cat BAM! I spring it on them. The whole reason they are here.

Savannah’s meeting with the teacher was more routine and proper and less intimate.  I guess I imagined she would have a rocking chair in her room and upon seeing Savannah, pick her up and rock her and sing songs. I also imagined she would be a hippie. No dice! I guess they don’t hire hippie’s anymore or something. Yeah, a hippie teacher with long dredlock-like hair decorated in daisies and her rockin her bohemian dress and flowy blouse. And she is dancing to wind chimes. Yeah…

 Anyways, we get there with all the other moms and dads and their kids and sit at these small tables and small chairs. Avenge of the Little People was all I thought!

She basically used this slide show introducing her self and the procedures of the classroom. It was supposed to be very prim and proper but all I got out it which made me very happy was :SAVANNAH’S TEACHER HAS ADD! Cause she was everywhere, the little butterfly. And what better condition could a kinder teacher have. I have no idea either!

The point: Savannah is now excited for school. Though I left going where the hell is the kitchen? the paint area? where are the blocks?storytime?  Apparently Kinder has changed since I have been there. Bummer!

And for your information, I am officially on vacation for a week. It starts Monday but technically it starts today cause I don’t work Fridays. So yeah!!!

My husband got me into Twilight. One night we were like Meh! there is nothing on tv. And Gus out of nowhere was like:

Gus: I DVRed Twilight.

Marina: What the hell? You serious?

Gus: Yeah we should see what is such a big deal.

Me: *Surprised* (if you knew my husband you would know why) OK put it on.

Right after it was over our awe-struck faces looked at each other and we both said, “I loved it!”

 And there it was. Our love for twilight was born. So along with seeing the first two movies, I also began reading the books. My obsession is now Twilight.

So anyways, I read  some parts of the Twilight part three book right before I went to bed. Well I definitely dreamed about it. It was so weird cause Gus was Edward and I was Bella. (My subconscious obviously doesn’t know I am Team Jacob!) And I was obsessed with this old home, and he was trying to protect me from this old home. I quite can’t remember now but it is true what the movie Inception says. Dreams always start in the middle.WTF man!

So, I love Gus (who is Edward) but I don’t want him biting me on my neck in the dream because then I’ll have marks and then God-forbid what will the neighbors say. So whenever he hugs me or gets close to my neck I move or push away. It’s retarded.

So I wake up from my dream and I am a bit randy. Hey it happens. Twilight can be an aphrodisiac. So I roll over to Gus’s side and start touching him and hugging and well we start getting it on. Gus moves to kiss me neck and you know what I do? I start to freak out. I am pushing him and trying to avoid his mouth and my neck touching.

Gus: What the hell Marina?

Me: What?

Gus: You won’t let me kiss your neck?

Me: Oh is that what you were doing?

Gus: What did you think I was doing?

Me: Uhhhhh…

Gus: Come on Marina. Its 4:30 am I don’t have time for games.

Me: Ok I thought you were going to bite me. And I didn’t want marks. I mean people would see and be all like, “What the hell” and…

Gus: When the &$%2 do I ever bite you?

Marina: It’s cause I thought you were a vampire. And I didn’t want you to bite me cause then it would leave a mark.

Gus: *Groan* Seriously Marina, no more Twilight before bed.

Marina: True that.

True that.


Comments on: "Twilight is Affecting My Subconscious!" (2)

  1. Lol, I love this! I got addicted this past October and read all the books within no time! I’ve seen the first three movies as well.

  2. LOL thats hilarious…if u oved twilight you have to see True Blood. I looooooooooooooooooove True Blood. I have yet to see Twilight

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