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What today Is

Man, today is the make it or break it day. Today Gus, Savannah, and I are going to meet her assigned teacher. I was a little surprised that Gus said he would come. I mean, he works full-time. In fact more full-time than me (at work only!). And he rarely takes time off. Like rarely! His vacation hours are in the 100’s and his sick time is like in the 50’s or something. Plus I always figured I would do this kind of thing on my own like my mom did. My dad never went to parent conferences or registration with me. But I am happy. It would be nice to look like a normal tv family. Cause normal only exists in television. (Dad: “Honey I’m home!”  Mom: “Great dear. Dinner is ready! La la la la. ”   And in real life it’s like- Dad: “Why is the door knob so sticky?” Mom: “Cause I was struggling to open the door with a screaming Ryan in one hand and back packs on the other while the girls were chucking their peanut butter cracker at me and each other. Any problems?!” Dad: “It feels better like that.  smiles weakly So is dinner almost ready?”  Mom: Throws the loaf of bread at Dad “I don’t know. How fast can you make a sandwich? That fast.”

So back to originally what today is. Today is Meet the Teacher Day! And I am hoping  this will totally seal the deal for Savannah (more so for me!). True, she has no choice in going to school but if she feels better about it then maybe this anxiety pain I have will go away. The anxiety buried into my chest causing me to steal old people’s oxygen tanks when ever it attacks and inflames. Kidding! I don’t steal old people’s oxygen.  Gross ! Old people germs are the worse!

Today is also a year I have been working at this company. Today is one year. And not that I was expecting a party or streamers and balloons (a cake would have been nice), but some recognition would have been nice.  A small pat on the back. Something. A year is a long time. It’s a long 365 days. There needs to be some award for lasting a year at a job. A nice medal that reads something like For Lasting a Year While Others Got Canned or Probation Winner , you know cause everyone gets a probation period.  But no, nothing. But don’t worry I gave myself my own recognition a couple of months into working here.  I got myself this mug: A little cocky? Perhaps. Just think of it as something I strive for though we don’t have an employee of the month program. Don’t worry, don’t worry. It’s on my list of things to do right under Mandatory Siestas at 3pm.  I am all about making the workplace a better place for you and me …. and the children.

*Beauty Pageant Wave*


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  1. soshell00 said:

    i liked this one. very insightful.

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