In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I almost committed murder last night.  Seriously. My sweet wonderful husband would have been the victim.  I am not the type to think things through or even to plan out things “to the T” as they say so his death would have been a spontaneous and very messy murder. One I am sure I would not be able to get  the stains out of the sheets for.

It goes like this: So since my baby girl (tear tear) is going to be starting Kindergarten on Monday (YIKES!), we figured since she has had no type of schedule (Please refrain from the boos at my parenting skills. While your babies were waking up at 5 AM on weekends, mine were rolling out of bed at 11Am. Holla!), we would get her used to going to bed at 9 or 9:30ish PM.  So I have been trying to do that all week! Do you know how hard it is to put a 4 yr old, 3 yr old, and one yr old asleep at 9:00? And then roll into the equation, my step-son who is very obnoxious and doesn’t listen to me worth crap!

So here I am attempting to put the baby to sleep at 8:30 (I’ll explain why) while I know the three other ones are still up. And if you have been following, you know that Gus will  follow me to the bedroom leaving the lights on and dinner not put away. As I lay there putting Ryan down, I am not going to sleep just yet. I always read the girls a story, give their goodnight hugs and kisses and turn off the light. Thats needs to be done. And who the hell is sleepy at 8:30 anyways? And then…. Gus comes and gets into bed and falls asleep.

Shut the front door!

I am not kidding.

All the other kids are up and playing and shouting and making noise. And it’s like leave it to Marina!  Here is a pathetic secret; me being a woman and all: I could have just put Ryan to sleep at 9:30 with all the other kids. But you know what I was thinking about? Giving Gus some quality time.  Yeah I was!  Oh and it’s not because he has deserved it. Oh hell no.  It’s because I wanted to! despite the fact that he has not been acting very inconsiderate leaving me TO DO EVERYTHING!  And our little ” lovey time” is ruined by Ryan a lot. So I thought I would get him to sleep and out of the way. But hell no, if Gus was going to sleep at 8:30 too. It’s like, “Is your day so hard that you can’t stay up an hour more with me? Or better yet, get your big butt up and get the kids settled in their beds?”

It takes Ryan 45 mins to get him to sleep. I go do what I gotta do with the other kids. Telling them stories and getting them tucked in.  Still feeling a bit, well, randy, I come over to Gus’s side and start running my fingers down his back nicely,sweetly. And then he says, “I am hot and sticky. Don’t get next to me. I am gonna take a shower right now.” Right! So I roll over and I am so annoyed. And still not giving up I look at the clock (9:30 PM) and wait. I eventually fall asleep.

I wake up to Gus turning on the shower at midnight. And guess what, the girls and his step son are in their rooms playing.   Yeah, they never went to sleep! It never ends! So Gus has all the lights on, is talking loud to the kids; it’s as if it’s morning for the guy. And then he has the audacity to come and start hugging me and touching me. I wanted to strangle him! I wanted to kick him, blind him with something. Luckily for him, I was too tired.  Yeah, I stayed asleep!

But only to give in at like 4:30 am. Yeah I am sucker. A sucker for love. So much for teaching him a lesson.

Comments on: "My Evening Rant and (Oh My Gosh) methodical murder." (3)

  1. soshell00 said:

    Im thinking that you should go on Nanny 911. She’ll put everyone in their place.

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