In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I messed up this morning when I walked into Walgreens this morning at little before 7 AM. See, this whole new me that I am trying where I am getting up really early is very hard and was greatly weighing on me this morning.  I was awake by 5:40 AM (that sucks!) and knowing that I had to get to the store to buy my mother some things she needed I got in the shower earlier than I needed. So nevertheless, I was suffering this morning.

So here I am in the coffee section at Walgreens. I was really looking for my favorite kind of tea but alas they stopped selling it or something.  So there were all the cold morning coffee drinks available and stocked. I should have stopped right there because strong coffee (muffin ears!) does give me the runs, shits, squirts whatever you wanna call it. And if you know me, you would know I DON’T LIKE to use any bathroom but my own. Poor colon!  So yes I have learned my lesson.  Any who, so dumb me decides to pump myself up and by those Double Shot espresso with Creme in a can and a coffee. I gulped it down on the way to work.  Now remember that scene in Al Pacino where Al Pacino in sitting at his desk with a mountain of cocaine?  Yea? That was me just with all this coffee I basically inhaled. And now I more jittery than the jitter bug.  (Note: This whole time I thought the Jitter Bug was an actual bug. It’s a dance. Duh!) So yea, I am high on coffee right now.

This past weekend, I had an appointment with this lady who was going to give me information in the event that one of kids was kidnapped (something that paralyzes me with fear everyday), I have this police report on a description of my kidnapped child already updated.  At the end I had to sponsor at least 6 people to receive this stuff to and she would contact them. This was not a shinning moment for me. Turns out I barely have 4 friends.  In reality barely that. So I ended up giving her fake names and numbers to make up the rest. I gave her a total of  4 fake  names to make my self look really cool. Not to man, not to few.  Now,  I am getting phone calls from that lady who came to my house. Probably to bitch at me about the fictitious names. In hindsight,  that probably wasn’t my best idea.

Now if anyone leaves in El Paso, TX, you would agree the most psychotic people living here are the Abundant Living Faith Center. They are like Nazis about their religion. Borderline religion terrorists if you ask me. They are the most tight nipped, stiff, all about their religion type people. Their religion is in the food they eat, drink they drink. They are crazy. I can’t spell it out enough. SO I am driving home and I see a car I am about to pass this car, I notice that it has the Abundant Living Faith Sticker. And as I continue to pass the guy, I notice another sticker next to the Abundant one. And there it is in like big letters: I love boobies! LOL, I mean I know its normal to like boobies but to declare it next to the Abundant sticker. Classic!  Maybe to get this, you should probably move here. Maybe not. I do laugh at the dumbest things.


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  1. She called me. Our schedules didn’t meet last week and she never called me back to reschedule.

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