In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

A Quick Getaway

First off I had last wrote about Gus and I going on our “date” or our dinner and a movie night on Friday. It was a great night. We had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. I loved it! It was so good. I am one of those people who can eat buffalo wings everyday! We actually talked and shared our different flavors of food.  I actually had dinner with out the kids. I missed them still (I guess that will never be cured) but I focused on enjoying this rare opportunity to be alone with Gus.  The movie we saw was good too. We meant to Eclipse, the third part of the Twilight series but were like twenty minutes late to the movie. So we opted for Inception. GO SEE THAT MOVIE!  It was so awesome. It was a pretty twisty but I like movies like that.  You leave the movie kinda dumbfounded. and are left to wonder: Who makes these movies?!

Saturday, we got a wild hair and drove to Alamogordo, spent the night, then drove to Cloudcroft to take the kids fishing. Well Gus and I were more interested in actually swimming. The kids said “YES ” to fishing but actually became more explorers.   We didn’t last fishing very long. It was very hot and the fish weren’t even nibbling.  I was glad the kids got to explore and get dirty. Dirty is something they rarely do. There was one moment Ryan fell and got his hands all dirty. And he was shocked at his hands. He wasn’t freaking out; he just looked like he wanted someone to explain something to him.

All in all, it was a good day. Despite the fact, that we all got wicked sunburns. Me especially. I am literally in pain. My blouse rubs on my back and I am just waiting for my flesh to peel off. Uhhhh,  I learned my lesson!


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