In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Changing it up

Gus and I both came to the conclusion that we need to make more time for each other. I stressed not only at home but doing stuff outside of home too. I have always been the one to make the plan and even push for them to happen. And I told Gus that for now on he has to initiate the plans. I figured it be so nice if he created something for us to do and planned it that way I know that he really wanted to do something. Gus is a home body. And in some respect I am too. But occasionally, I would like to break free from the home and do normal things (i.e. movies, dinner without the kids, anything not in our home!). 

Well Gus hasn’t tried and I am bout right to give up. Should I just not care? I want to care though. I want to do things with Gus where it just focuses on us. Our relationship is good. No complaints! Yet, we lack just being together. Well I made plans for us to go tomorrow night for a dinner and a movie. I am trying to get him involved but he says he doesn’t care either way what we do. Uhhhh, frustrating! At least I know when it is just us. He smiles and say, “Wow this is nice just us two. We should do this more often.”   Groan!!!!

Lately(well for the past two days), I have been very interested in this WordPress blog call The 52 Seductions. It is about a married couple that are basically trying to spice up their sex lives with each other.  Each week, either him or her try a new seduction for each other. They gone from watching a porn movie to playing a sex game to more and more erotic things.  The couple reminds me of Gus and me so much. The husband is down for anything; try anything once. And the wife is way more reserved and quite shy on new adventures when it comes to sex. Their seductions  are very honest when it comes to their feelings but it’s quite funny on their reactions and thinking. I love it and I am addicted!

Reading it has actually given me some ideas that I def wanna try.  I am gonna try the secret word game with Gus. Everytime you think about sex you say a password. Either tell them, call them or text them.  I hope I am not to dreadful at it, cause knowing Gus …. hmm. I’ll keep you updated.


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