In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Don’t you just love weekend where you do next to nothing but it was still great. Saturday everyone slept in. That was nice! We had a big breakfast provided by my sweet husband at 12 pm.  Then we lounged around for a bit watching crazy stuff on tv. I wouldn’t say its my favorite thing to watch but it gets interesting. Gus has this love for fishing so we have been watching the Discovery channel’s River Monsters. It’s about this man who goes over the world to all lakes or oceans to find the scariest and biggest creatures underneath the waters. Mostly they are like oversized Catfish. It’s not my favorite thing but hey it get interesting after a while.

After a while of our laziness, we went to the front yard and did some yard work and cleaned the car.  Gus even changed the oil. It had been raining so we had a nice once we were outside. And my girls even helped.  Well when they weren’t dancing around waving the towels.  So I got into the truck and cleaned it. The truck or Tahoe whatever you wanna call it was filthy. I never know who stuff gets on the seat from under Ryan’s base of the car seat. Its amazing. There was this frosted white gooey stuff that  was all stuck on the seats. You panic when you see that cause the seats are leather and you think how am I ever gonna get that off.   Well I managed. And while I did that Gus cleaned everything else. We found the car seats to be dirty and it just goes to show you kids dirty everything they get their little hands on. And the whole time we cleaned I watched the girls out of the corner of my eyes. They are so funny. They were dancing around playing and waving to cars that would drive by. They are such characters!  Its weird how kids can entertain themselves. They played all day outside while we cleaned. The girls did help. They helped me clean the car. Then Sienna took it upon her self to clean the shop vac and Savannah was cleaning everything else but the things I told her. It was funny.              And after the hard work, we celebrated with some home style popsicles. I had bought these plastic little popsicle makers at the store. All you do it pour in the drink of your choice and freeze. And wha-la! a popsicle. I had chosen coke popsicles and strawberry kiwi popsicles. And of course the Coke popsicles were a blast! So we had a great time just outside. And this whole time, your probably wondering where Ryan was. Well it was his nap time. And though he loves to be outside , he opted for a nap instead.  I am telling you with moments like these you just can’t see how life can get any better. My babies make our lives so much sweeter.

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