In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Have you seen the series Unites States of Tara?  It’s the most amazing show I have ever seen. It’s brilliant. It’s about a mother/wife who suffers from multiple personalities disorder.  Apparently something major happened in her past and she wasn’t quite certain what but after whatever traumatic event happened she developed personalities. And they are crazy. One is a like a red neck Vietnam veteran crazy man named Buck. Another is like the Leave it to Beaver mom named Alice.  She is very old-fashioned. Then there is the crazy 16 yr old personality named T. She cusses and smokes and is your typical crazy teenager.  And as the story goes, she discovers more personalities.  Her family life is loving but very dysfunctional.  Her youngest son is so intelligent and insightful and he is gay. Her oldest teenager daughter is very eccentric and loud and expressive. They encourage it. These kids are somewhat resentful of their mom’s condition and act out. The husband …  ahhh the husband. He is the dream husband. I don’t under stand why she is resentful towards him sometimes but he is awesome.  The whole show is awesome. I ran into through the third season and so now I am watching the old shows to catch up.

In a weird way, I have always had a fascination about multiple personalities. My favorite book is called I never promised you a rose garden. Its about a girl with a severe case of it.  Which also explains my fascination with mental hospitals.  It’s just very intriguing to me how someone is able to have a ray of personalities. Thats just bazar …almost fantasy like. And it would probably would very stupid to say I wish I had a multiple personality because they come and go as they please and who knows what type of crazy personality one may have and your true self is never conscious. So yea…. but I wonder what it would be like.  From the series, one personality is a guy. That’s so crazy! “He” chases women. See, bazar!


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