In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Back to Normal

I am sooooo glad Gus is back. Two months was way too long.  Seriously I felt like a single mom. And right at the end, it kinda felt like things were falling apart. We got a small infestation of bugs I guess from the heat and I was battling that. Then the vaccum was not sucking (lol) so with three kids : two toddlers  (what would you call Savannah?)  this was murder! I was always on my hands and knees picking up small pieces of chips or crackers or anything they were eating. And even if I confined them to the kitchen, they some how managed to track stuff onto the carpet. And speaking of my carpet … sheesh!

Then I had to get the car inspected. But I guess these mechanics are all best friends and so when they see a woman and see the words DUMBASS, they start saying that the car needs this and that and they refer to me a hundred different places. This time they were giving me a hard about the parking break. Its not suppose to move when it set. So that was an ordeal that I had  to figure on my own. I had to get my breaks changed.  Crazy crazy crazy. I just wish mechanics wouldnt try to take me a loop just cause I am a different gender. Sigh Sigh. Then I got into the car like a two weeks before Gus was suppose to roll in and this console that hangs from the  roof of the car that controls the lights in front and the air conditioner in the back was like partially hanging. It broke I guess. Man I could go on with stuff falling apart.  Even in the little things, its amazing how I rely on Gus. He does a lot, helping me out with things I dont even know esist. May I never take that for granted!

The kids are doing good. They are getting monstrous. LOL, and I say that with all the love in the world. My Savannah  is gonna be 5 next month! And on top of that she will be starting kindergarden. KINDERGARDEN! You have no idea how I wanna cry. Seriously I will cry myself a river.  My daughter is going to school! I cant wrap my self around it. And its in less than 30 days that she will start! I am gonna take the whole week off just to absorb and support her. Cause I am so attached to her and she is to me!  I hope she likes school. It will be so easy for me if she likes it. But I have a strong feeling that we both are gonna cry.

Sienna my baby girl turned 3 in March. She is still our little suave and cool daughter as ever. She is very attached to Daddy. She has grown into such a girl with a big heart. And I worry about her when her “best friend” starts school with out her. I hope she doesn’t feel left out cause they do everything together. Though, it will be good to spend some mommy time with just me.  And of course she will have her baby brother that she will have fun torturing. My baby girl. You should have saw her during the 4th of July. She was so brave and excited. She lit all the fuses and wasn’t the least bit scared. She def takes after me.

And then there is the little man. Ryan. And he is exactly that.  He is this little buff little dude but he is so cute. He melts my heart. He just turned 18 months … thats flying by! He says things like Mama, Da Da, Pa Pa, Na Na, Sssss (which is Si Si) and I love you and other small things. He is very serious though about what he wants. He is def a mama’s boy!  At least I dont have to worry about him going to school for a long time!


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