In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I am so confused, I did nothing, And now I am the one getting ignored.  Its so stupid the way we are acting. Why are we even mad? It’s dumb how we let this little thing bother us. And how I feel like I just got so crushed. I am starting to feel that in reality, no one has your back. You stand alone. I am trying to put myself in his position but I just feel like he is being unreasonable. I wonder if I will be in trouble tomorrow with the big boss. Who cares… cause I know what I did and didnt do. I just cant believe he turned on me like that … and made such a scene. I actually feel embarrassed. I wish I didnt have to work tomorrow … I just wanna crawl in my bed and just sleep. I am not gonna call him anymore. This is not high school. This is marriage and if he doesnt call then I cant be calling off the hook. I wont. It hurts my pride and my dignity: all this rejection. And like I said for something stupid something pointless.  I keep going on over and over what did I do? Is this my fault? But now that I remember I dont recall me even getting a word in edge wide. Seriously, its like I said, in the end, all you have is yourself. Thats what makes you stronger, but it is sad. Its lonely. Its unexplainable! The people you least expect to turn on you … well they do.


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