In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

My favorite place

I never cared much for solitude. I still don’t. But sometimes I am all I need to appreciate a beautiful sight.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you discover a wonderful and unique place all on your own.  I discovered all of my own Transmountain and the beauty it is to drive through this path everyday.

 It’s so beautiful. First the mountains surround you, practically you swallow you up as you drive through.  It’s truly breathtaking. Mountains alone are wonderous but Transmountain is truly unique. Especially in bad weather. When its rainy and the clouds are low, Transmoutain is transformed into something only Gods would be able to behold. 

The other day it had been raining all day and the clouds literally sat between the mountain. I was so excited I stuck my hand out the window and felt the clouds around me. How lucky! It’s just so awe inspiring I felt like I was in the heavens. I drove to the scenic parking and took pictures just to prove my point.

It looks like heaven touches the ground. The clouds were so low.

 Only in transmountain do you get to see clouds just resting on the mountains, just surrounding them. It gets so thick sometimes that you can’t even see sometimes.   So driving here everymorning and every evening on my way to and from work is certainly a treat. Transmountain is so serene and peaceful. It is now my favorite place.


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