In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I don’t get it.

I don’t. Sometimes I don’t know how I irritate him so much or annoy him. It’s getting to be like, “Do I have to walk on egg shells around you so I don’t annoy you and piss you off?” Seriously what do I say? I listen … but I am starting to think now the problem is not with me but with his patience.  It’s starting to get tiresome. Really, cause sometimes you just want someone to answer a simple question or just be understanding. Does that not exist anymore? Imagine how that makes me feel that you get so irritated with me … like I am some lost cause. I am not stupid so why do you try to make me feel that way? I am not a dumbass so why do I feel that way always? Its always over something so stupid too … I don’t understand how your patience for everyone around you is infinite yet for some reason there is a limit or scale for me. It’s weird because I know I treat you like a person…. I never remark about anything I dont like about you only because whats the point … I hate to make a fight or fuss over anything.  I am simply not like that … especially if I can live with it … but no not you… I just don’t get it … I feel horrible. I feel stupid and most of all I am just waiting for you to tell me that you found someone who gets  you …  cause to you I don’t seem too.


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