In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

The News As of Today

The news as of today has been slow. Actually nothing has been really going on.  So I’ll just tell you some random things. For Halloween, Savannah was Strawberry Shortcake. It actually fit her personality and her whole look really well.  Sienna was a kitty. Again, totally fit her mischievous personality.  And my baby boy Ryan was the hulk.  And let me tell you what a bad mother I am. I took no pictures! Nope! Not a single one. I can stop hitting my self over that one. I can practically see every mother in the world reading this and either shaking her head or starring with their mouth hung wide open in utter amazement at my irresponsibility. You just don’t do that! Hopefully, someone took some pics that I can steal and show you. Hopefully.

In other news, Ryan has been saying Ma ma. But its far and in between when he says it. So its not like he is saying it at me … its more like he is saying it to me. Sigh, mothers always get jipped.  The first word or sounds like word is always Da then eventually Dad. Thats so messed up! I deserved to be the first word with all of them but especially Ryan cause he is my baby boy! ryan

He has been standing up on his own too. Yet, he is still too chicken to attempt a step. I want him to walk, but once he does that its. College then is around the corner. He will no longer be my little baby.

Alas, it is what it is, right?  I am dying actually for a night out with out the kids. Its been since some time February of this year that was the last time. It’s been too long. And I don’t even care what we do as long as its anywhere then home.  I have been suggesting a dinner and a movie. So here is crossing my fingers that comes sooner rather then later. Well its back to the mil.


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