In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

An Epiphany…

I was driving to work this morning. And I was in an area where there were nothing but school zones. And you see it, the traffic is thick. Kids are walking everywhere. Parents are walking everywhere.  And I was at this intersection at a stop sign and I looked at the car behind me. And in it, I saw a mother driving her daughter to work.  They were carrying a conversation and then, I don’t know why but right there it hit me … I am parenting and I have no idea really what I am doing.

mother and daughter

I mean really, I don’t. I am baiscally following what I think is right and wrong. But now I am seeing its more then just that. I have three little lives in my hands. I can’t just mold them to just anything. My teaching has to be unorthodoxed. I have to be the best guide, the best answer, the best protector, the best listener. I sometimes feel I fail my kids because I am not giving them my full attention. I sometimes am not as patient as I should be.

So now that I am aware of how unaware I am … and the importance of this job, I vow to be more considerate of how I am as parent. My kids are the most important people to me. I gotta always have their interests at heart. What is always best for them needs to always be number one.


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