In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Something about this weather makes me sad.  It’s been happening since as long as I remember. I just get sad as the weather gets colder. fall

As of today, it’s officially fall.  And I feel really bummed. And I have nothing to be bummed about at all.  I actually just got sad yesterday. I was here at work working (lol) and I remember I was not thinking of anything. I was concentrating on what was on the computer. And then it was like something passed before me and I became sad. Not depressed, no grief, just sad.  Bummed.


And it got better as I went home but then again today I feel it.  Something about the weather changing or that its no longer happy summer maybe. I can’t be for certain. I just know I feel bummed. Then this fatigued feeling comes out of nowhere. Like as if being cold is tiring. Today its a bit cold. Like I said fall has officially started. And now that I thinking about it, it was in the cold weather that I would break up with my boyfriends that I had in high school. Just cause I just felt sad and they were not making me happy.  However, Gus walked into the office right now to give me some paper work and seeing him filled me a light-heartedness.  Like a split second I had a spring in my step. But now he is gone and all I want to do now is go home and get into my bed under my sheets and sleep.  Sleep always makes me feel good. I would just love for me and the kids to go home and get into the covers and just sleep.


Sa and Ry


 Too bad I have to cook two meals. One for the family and one for the lunch bunch.

I like the lunch bunch. I LOVE the food. business-lunch Just sometimes you know when you just want to be by yourself. And I made this commitment thing. I keep thinking to myself that I’ll only do this thing for a while. I miss being by myself during lunch. Even if I had to struggle during lunch at least I was by myself. In my warm car.  Warmness!!!


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