In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

It might not even be the very act of sleeping but just the sole comfort level of my bed. Seriously, do you dream of getting into your sheets and laying in your bed daily? I do. All the time!!

As far as I can remember I loved to sleep. I would sleep just about anywhere too. I remember sleeping in my car in store parking lots. Sometimes you just need too!

Yep, that is right.  Sleep determines everything for me. How will my day will go? How I will react to the world? And ultimately how I will spend my evening? I just wish my husband would put a tv in our room. Then however I might never leave our room.

And ever since we got that new comforter for our bed, that’s all I manage to think about. Slipping into those cool sheets for a siesta. Which reminds me, Mexico might be a lawless city, but I do want to adopt their laws of siestas during the work time. I will run a campaign!!!


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